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  1. @RallyDriven lol thats generally referred to as a woman's beer over here!   Funny thing about beer, I used to think that Europe where the only ones that could produce an authentic good beer, now days there are so many micro-breweries around, there are very, very few imported beers that I like.  There are over 6000 breweries now in the US and the big ones like Budweiser a declining in sales.   I’m paying for you to come over to a beer festival in England and try some of our real ales! Arundel Sussex Gold- will never forged how good it was. Press F to pay respects.
  2. Keep wondering who they aimed it at. They had a fairly decent driving model in WRC7, but then they apparently dumbed it down for V-Rally, but they didn't make it arcade so they didn't appeal to that market either.  I guess they figured that VR4 would be much cheaper to develop and so they could make a big profit. Big mistake. Half baked games are a thing of a past even on a niche rally market.
  3. Well, I personally love FiA just as much as I love FIFA. Which means not so much.  Japan would be great, in fact they could get probably the most exciting tarmac rally if they used one of local rallies. Narrow and super technical!
  4. I hope fiesta will get dash display fixed (it used difficult to read road mode instead of stage mode), I am looking forward to use Kajetan Kajetanowicz's WRC2 livery and Kubica's WRC livery on R5!
  5. HUD is one thing (I personally never use 2d HUD, I always rely on 3d cockpit dash) but UDP output would be also useful for Android HUD development (F1 uses one already, so maybe that could make it easier do).
  6. Fellas, I have added a poll in suggestion box http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/140939/pacenotes-modification/p1?new=1 , would appreciate your input- whenever "for" ,or "against". We could also brainstorm the idea there. Thanks!
  7. It is scientifically proven that 100% people will enjoy chocolate.
  8. Don't forget about pizza. Got you covered, bro!
  9. Voicing an opinion is one thing, spreading things like "VRORNOBUY" is going a bit further. no. it is not. why the heck woudl we buy somethign we dont enjoy? saying "novrnobuy" is just stating "i am not buying it until it supports somethign it needs in order for me to enjoy it" where the hell is the problem in stating that you dont buy something until it supports something you know you need in order to enjoy it. i can state all day long that i dont buy it until it supports vr. you can say you dont buy an iphone until it gets the fingerprint reader for example. tahts totally fair as well.
  10. So in other words DR2 has no competition (although SMS is rumored to work on something). Yet you still won't buy a rally sim that has no competition. Because it doesn't support VR. So you want everyone to get a worse sim, just so you and your two friends can put googles on your heads. If you don't get to do that, you won't be buying it. Because a priority for you is VR. So you did. 20 other people appeared to do the same. Now it is a time to move on- you should focus on convincing 99% of the community, because like you said CM is listening to us. Not just to 20 people. You won't do that by
  11. How many rally sims we have on the market, could you remind me, please? Did you ever consider how many resources it takes to make a rally sim compared to racing sim (in any department- physics or locations). And finally- do you think CM are a bunch of random people who don't know what they are doing and they just forgot to add VR? Or maybe they are a AAA developer who plans ahead what makes sense financially and what doesn't? Maybe you want to learn coding yourself and apply for a job at CM so you can develop VR support for free (actually I would ask you to pay a lot before I let you see insid
  12. I think everyone active in physics topic discussion should be involved in Beta testing (and I don't say it so I get in- I am happy not to get invited if that gets other lads in).
  13. @urgaffel I don't use FB nor Twitter, but could we get some info on mod support and max stages length and quantity per location, please?
  14. My thoughts exactly, this doesn't mean its the end of the technology. Another solution would be to make a new approach with SDK involved: create a tool that uses imported GPS data (of a road) to generate road itself. It would make road data highly accurate with generic surroundings that could be hand tailored using SDK. So: #1 Import road GPS to a tool (not sure what is the most popular format, but for flight simulators people use Ortho4xp tool and it gives amazing results by importing free OSM data, obviously details resolution is nowhere near what rally needs, but still very interes
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