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  1. I never thought this day would come up, the week has been infinite, but THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING !!! 😍
  2. I have my hope up but remember same was said for D4 so I don't take these beta tester comments for granted anymore and will wait for the final release in full swing like a good 'ol boy...
  3. Possibly but, given that it looked like we might have no 2000cc cars last week, I'll take something over nothing!  What if it's not a teaser for 2000CC cars... but for S2000? I would be disappointed AF!
  4. It's been like that for years... quoting in this forum is a pain in the ass. Why don't they give us simply quotation marks based code like <quote> and </quote> it would be much more easier.
  5. Don't want to dig out the undeads but anyone have any idea why Mister Coleman has left the ship? I'm sorry if I'm a little late to the party and it has been discussed to hell and back but it burns my mind so much each time I think about it, I cannot get over it. He was so fond and proud to be working on what seemed like his dream project... we could feel his dedication in interviews, he was a great communicator too and it sounded like DiRT Rally was fulfilling two of it's biggest passion: rallying and game development. So to me leaving such a project to go working for a small, unknown indie
  6. Anyone still have the B-Roll leaked videos? Codemasters have filled copyright infringement and they removed it from the interwebs!
  7. For those who preorder, don't you remind how DiRT 4 was promising on paper? I have a note I found that I wrote back then (how nice) in anticipation of the game release  :D  Australia V2 physics Flying finishes Pvp rally Lancer evo 6.5, Audi S1 E2 Full career Better team management Improved damage Rally school Cross platform leaderboards Leaderboards in menu Arm over arm animation Montalegre/Loheac RX circuits More talkative spotters Sequence starts Lightning tech improved Reactive crowds, marshalls Accidents Procedurally generated stages Windshield collecting d
  8. @urgaffel Please bring back Germany as DLC but reworked with those famous U-turns and elevation changes in the vineyards!! ?
  9. I can confirm Trois-Rivière will be in, we can see the Québec logo in the trailer. I might be biased a little because I live like from 1 hour of this track but it's my favorite one on the calendar! New Zealand and Australia are absolutely the best part of the news but honestly, I'm disappointed we'll get again only 6 locations... I miss the old days where we had 8 countries and like 6 unique tracks per rallies.  No snow location? Legendary rallies like Finland, Monte-Carlo, Wales and Germany should all have made a comeback. And why bring USA back? Nobody liked this location in DiRT 4.
  10. So, WRC 8 by Codemasters confirmed? Who got the license, any hints? I would better have DiRT Rally 2 than this.
  11. Funny how we'll get the Audi S1 EKS from Project Cars 2 first. Someone would have thought we would get it from DiRT 4 first, which is the official RX game but this is all but true. There have been so much lack of support with this game. Codemasters have failed miserably and this is just a straight finger pointed to them courtesy of Slighlty Mad. Good PR job and well deserved! I highly doubt the upcoming patch will fix all the physics issues, but I will give the benefit of the doubt, let's see how it turns out. My experience with DiRT 4 have been nothing else but frustration to this day. Af
  12. 4 cars in Toyota DLC: Celica St165, St185, St205, Corolla WRC!!
  13. these tight development schedules... ...but it's not the end
  14. @urgaffel I can't help but be annoyed by the cloud of dust coming ahead of the front wheels on every videos, it's very noticeable especially on the landrush footage. Doesn't like that. Is it something that's going to be fixed on the final build or post launch? Otherwise good work on the particle effects, they look absolutely spot-on, had to say!
  15. Yes. Once you have played them in career Do these fixed stages have benefited (on top of the yourstage tech) from the artists magical hand skills and feature more polish and assets? Also, don't know if it's been asked but how much square kilometers the full maps are (where the stages get generated) and how many per location?
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