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  1. 9 minutes ago, mimimomo said:

    Be prepared for a 20-30 minute unpack of the pre-downloaded Steam files before you can play....waiting...waiting...

    I never thought this day would come up, the week has been infinite, but THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING !!! 😍

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  2. So a few of us lucky lot have been given access to a pre-release build. 

    Ive only played on 2 stages with 2 different cars, but I can categorically state this a rightful a proper successor to the original DiRT Rally.
    I have my hope up but remember same was said for D4 so I don't take these beta tester comments for granted anymore and will wait for the final release in full swing like a good 'ol boy...

  3. versedi said:
    I'm staying logged in on my phone but can't login from desktop. Will try that as soon as I can.

    PS. I hate writing on phone with all my heart. Quoting is literally impossible
    It's been like that for years... quoting in this forum is a pain in the ass. Why don't they give us simply quotation marks based code like <quote> and </quote> it would be much more easier.

  4. Don't want to dig out the undeads but anyone have any idea why Mister Coleman has left the ship? I'm sorry if I'm a little late to the party and it has been discussed to hell and back but it burns my mind so much each time I think about it, I cannot get over it.

    He was so fond and proud to be working on what seemed like his dream project... we could feel his dedication in interviews, he was a great communicator too and it sounded like DiRT Rally was fulfilling two of it's biggest passion: rallying and game development.

    So to me leaving such a project to go working for a small, unknown indie developer making mobile games doesn't make sense at all... it seems like a big step back. Now having said that, I'm not here to judge... maybe he like more his current position in this company or he's closer to home, etc but I just wonder if he's been vocal about it as I haven't seen anything about it in social medias. If he didn't want to talk about it for personnal or professional reason it's very understandable and I respect that but I'm just curious what has been said.

    On another note, I think the new game director is doing a great job at replacing Coleman and I would like to know a little more about him... is he a new employee or he's been working on the first DiRT Rally too?

    Thanks guys for putting me back on track! 

  5. For those who preorder, don't you remind how DiRT 4 was promising on paper? I have a note I found that I wrote back then (how nice) in anticipation of the game release  :D 


    V2 physics

    Flying finishes

    Pvp rally

    Lancer evo 6.5, Audi S1 E2

    Full career

    Better team management

    Improved damage

    Rally school

    Cross platform leaderboards

    Leaderboards in menu

    Arm over arm animation

    Montalegre/Loheac RX circuits

    More talkative spotters

    Sequence starts

    Lightning tech improved

    Reactive crowds, marshalls


    Procedurally generated stages

    Windshield collecting dust

    Car customization

    Spectator mode

    It still crazy how it managed to flop for me because on paper, it was totally fixing all the DiRT Rally shortcomings! I hope DiRT Rally 2 will deliver. So guys, just a reminder to think about it before preordering...

    ... but I'm preordering nonetheless haha!

    Hyyype!  :#

  6. I can confirm Trois-Rivière will be in, we can see the Québec logo in the trailer. I might be biased a little because I live like from 1 hour of this track but it's my favorite one on the calendar!

    New Zealand and Australia are absolutely the best part of the news but honestly, I'm disappointed we'll get again only 6 locations... I miss the old days where we had 8 countries and like 6 unique tracks per rallies. 

    No snow location? Legendary rallies like Finland, Monte-Carlo, Wales and Germany should all have made a comeback. And why bring USA back? Nobody liked this location in DiRT 4.

    Beside that, I'm happy to see the return of hand crafted stages and tyre choice and road deformation sounds amazing!

    Audi S1 E2, Volkswagen GTI, Audi RX ?

  7. Funny how we'll get the Audi S1 EKS from Project Cars 2 first. Someone would have thought we would get it from DiRT 4 first, which is the official RX game but this is all but true. There have been so much lack of support with this game. Codemasters have failed miserably and this is just a straight finger pointed to them courtesy of Slighlty Mad. Good PR job and well deserved!

    I highly doubt the upcoming patch will fix all the physics issues, but I will give the benefit of the doubt, let's see how it turns out. My experience with DiRT 4 have been nothing else but frustration to this day.

    After the amazing DiRT Rally, someone would have thought they know how to make a proper game but this is nothing else than a rushed title and easy cash-grab.

    We better get a proper roadbook (and not this non-sense about we've gone there, done that, here screenshot of the week, thank you and good bye, see you next) but I wouldn't be surprised.

    Please CM, don't disappoint this time. We've waited soo long :(

  8. @urgaffel I can't help but be annoyed by the cloud of dust coming ahead of the front wheels on every videos, it's very noticeable especially on the landrush footage. Doesn't like that. Is it something that's going to be fixed on the final build or post launch? Otherwise good work on the particle effects, they look absolutely spot-on, had to say!

  9. KickUp said:
    bogani said:
    Can the fixed career stages be used in freeplay mode?
    Yes. Once you have played them in career
    Do these fixed stages have benefited (on top of the yourstage tech) from the artists magical hand skills and feature more polish and assets?

    Also, don't know if it's been asked but how much square kilometers the full maps are (where the stages get generated) and how many per location?

  10. sqdstr said:

    Was it confirmed somewhere on the forum that the R5 class is final? This Opel R5 wouldn't be, by any chance, the car they were waiting for to finalize the car list? Opel was in Dirt Rally and is represented again in Dirt4?
    Paul mentioned on twitter they were looking to finalize the car list next week, coincidence?

    Game is gold, we're not even one month 'til release.

  11. @versedi 
    Someone said that RBR still outstands DR in matter of simulation...well not in that part, sorry. Plus the sounds are so creepy 
    RBR or "the game that is like driving on ice"... whoever still arguing this old gem beats DR must be the kind of person who still listen to ACDC in a nostalgic kind of way. Joking aside, RBR was good and I'm not ashamed to say I played it for years but seriously... 13 years, 13 years!!

    I've tried latest NGP version with Fiesta and i20 WRC 2017 and it did not impress me that much, sure it was a fun ride but these cars are skidding all over the place like if I was in a pool of grease... I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. Sure tarmac handling have been improved but DR did everything else better and now we have D4 coming, so I don't see the point sticking to it apart for the great mods the community may come up with. And for all I can tell, I'm confident the Your Stage tech will fill that gap nicely hands down!

  12. Didzis said: 
    I'm pretty sure you meant Acona 400 :) But I disagree about the R2s, I think it's good that they're in the game, because in DiRT Rally in terms of FWDs we pretty much had the lowest end (Mini and Fulvia) and the highest end (F2 Kit Cars) and nothing in between

    Ah yes sorry my bad XD and yeah good point about the FWDs middle tier of the spectrum. Although not FWD, S1600 and S2000 cars would have been nice to have too.

  13. A little sad we lost the C4 WRC and 2010 class but the Quattro E2, Evo6, Manta 400 and R5 are great aditions! Still would have liked to see more kitcars (Megane Maxi, Citroen Saxo, Skoda Felicia, Escort Maxi) and I honestly don't mind about the R2s... would have easily traded them with a bunch of 2000s wrc cars (Corolla, Cordoba, Octavia, 206, Escort) because yes I'm a nostalgic freak XD 

    But all in all, I'm really looking forward to the game, it looks veeery promising! Dreamed about a game like that since Network QRAC Rally Championship. Codemasters really understood what people want and delivered even further this time around with all the various features. So, kudos for that! 

    And for godsake, where are the Toyotas and Skoda R5? ;) 

  14. tbtstt said:
    The last time that the Audi S1 was mentioned there was still a license issue preventing it's inclusion. I have my fingers crossed that the official Audi sponsorship for EKS might allow the licensing issue to be overcome, but I suspect that might be wishful thinking!
    One of my fav but I don't have high hopes to see it. One thing sure is we'll not get the A1. Hopefully it's just a sponsor issue rather than manufacturer but it's not looking good for the S1: https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/837232818036092929

  15. Will we have any Location more in the future for DiRT4? If yes, which Will be your preferred Location @KickUp?
    New Zealand please or Indonesia! I miss both from CMR and have fond memories running down a stage with a Corolla at night under heavy rain and mud playing in splitscreen with a friend. I was blown up by the game... Good ol' days!