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  1. I've seen plenty of posts asking for the game to be as realistic as possible / brutally unforgiving like RBR & just as many posts saying the game is too hard & needs to be easier for beginners / casual gamers. There's no reason why the game couldn't cater for both. When you load the game for the 1st time you required to create a profile, this could include a choice of game modes similar to Xpand Rally, but unlike Xpand Rally that has only 2 options Arcade & Simulation Dirt Rally could have 5, the same skill setting as used in DiRT 1 ProPro AmAmateurClubmanRookie But where DiRT 1 fa
  2. Once the game is complete, polished, released as version 1.0, then after any necessary minor patches, I would be happy to pay extra for DLC containing all rally stages from all previous Colin McRae & Dirt titles, updated with better graphics of course ! I know a lot of people might complain about this as its nothing new but it would be nice to have all tracks in one game rather than needing 9+ different games installed
  3. Are you using a keyboard ? I have the same problem, I wish someone would develop a gaming keyboard that uses keys similar to the buttons used in console controllers - the harder you press the more you accelerate/steer /break
  4. Not repeating what I've put in previous posts so this is just a few more of my thoughts so far -   The ability to pause a race, change graphical settings including the screen resolution then continue racing very nice, a vast improvement from needing to restart the game. No tedious menu navigation, intro scenes or 'Hi dude I'm Dave your personal career manager, before we get started, bla bla bla'  I hope none of this crap finds its way into the full version. I also like yes as the default option for exit game
  5. It's happened to me on different stages always from the screen where you can do repairs, after reloading the (not always the 1st attempt) I have been able to continue without skipping the stage. Not sure if Patch V0.31 has fixed this... will update if/when it crashes again
  6. I agree in part, NO KEN BLOCK STUFF,  I didn't finish a lot of the dirt games past a certain point because I ignored those silly gymkhana events - including moon buggy & dumper truck races. RBR, That game is brutally unforgiving, and this game is just a tad easier. - Good this is a game !, not real life ! - Make the physics as realistic as possible but be more forgiving with accidents, it's a game, games need to be fun !.  I'm happy with the current damage model, resetting the vehicle is fast with a 15 second penalty is much better than being made to wait &am
  7. After reading other post with people asking for things like 'add a tuning system, so that you can chance for example the engine or the wheels' If this is added could race times from these tweaked cars be considered unofficial and not allowed in pvp competitions so its only driving skill that counts and no one is left at a disadvantage.
  8. Ok I know this maybe a bit off topic but still relevant, I only use a keyboard for gaming and find Tapping a key as fast as possible doesn't always give the level of control I need, usually steering too much.  I'd like to see a gaming keyboard developed that uses sensitive keys similar to buttons used in console controllers, with obvious benefits for racing games, in FPS it would also provide better control over how fast you walk/run & for normal typing drivers would allow you to set your preferred actuation point.
  9. With shadow settings set between low & high I notice the shadows change form as you approach them, adding more detail as they get closer. I find this a bit distracting so prefer either ultra low (off) or ultra. If other's share this view maybe cut the options to just these 2 settings or have a medium setting where the shadows are constant basic shapes only.
  10. here is the closest I can find to the 'the bug reporting section of the forum' & how to attach jpg's from my hard drive ?
  11. Bug Report Form----------------------------------------------------------------------- System SpecAsus P8Z68-M PRO Socket 1155 MotherboardCORE I3-2120 3.30GHZKingston HyperX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHzGigabyte ATi Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E dual-link DVI HDMI DirectX111920x1200 DisplayKingston SV300S37A240G SSDWindows 7 64bitVGA Driver ver. 14.501.1003.0  (20/11/2014) Steps to reproduceGame Mode - Career, Championships, Open 1960'sStage - see attachment'sCar - miniCamera view - n/adistance into stage - n/a Your recent history of races (Mode, Vehicle, Track, Conditions)as above, twi
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