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  1. So now that this is now an all out simulation. Can there be more support for multiple output telemetry for the game? I have a d-box and a simxperience GS-4 seat for example, and they don't seem to work well together. It's either one or the other.  Once there's d-box, you can't use other motion or shiftlights devices with the game. It's like the dbox port only works by itself and doesn't share the telemetry output.  These features work flawlessly with AC and PCARs, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of hardcore simracers out  there will want this basic feature to support motion and even the latest simxperience accuforce wheel that requires in game telemetry output for it to work properly. 
  2. ministrinity

    Dirt Rally shared memory multiple telemetry feature

    Thanks DEVs for sorting this out!! :)
  3. ministrinity

    Dirt Rally shared memory multiple telemetry feature

    Thanks for that! Should prove exceptionally helpful for non d-box users. Appreciate the effort to create that easy to understand video mate.  I'll wait to see if Codemasters is going to offer a solution for d-box working with simcommander. Meanwhile, I'll still be using your tutorial for getting simcommander to work in dirt rally.
  4. ministrinity

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hi Awesome makers of  DIRT Rally, D-box and compatibility of other telemetry output devicesSince D-box is the official hardware support in motion for this game. Can we have extra UDP telemetry channels for other peripherals like the simxperience Accuforce wheel, Simxperience GS4 seat and other shiftlight peripherals like Fanaleds. This is something that cannot be done with the past Codemasters games. When running d-box motion which seems to have an ip "dbox" in the hardware configuration, when that is used no other hardware  could tap in to the telemetry output. Now that the Accuforce steering wheel needs simcommander telemetry to work. There won't be basic wheel support for d-box users. This game is going to be an amazing sim with all these peripherals to increase immersion. Please do take note of  helping us sort out hardware compatibility for these products.  I've been told by d-box software developers that f1 2015 being a next gen engine, will have this support. Dirt rally too? Been waiting too long to feel the excellent motion cues of d-box and GS-4 seat together in a rally sim to fully experience the physics behind this game. Thanks!
  5. ministrinity

    Dirt Rally shared memory multiple telemetry feature

    I've been told by Yannick Gemme from d-box that for f1 2015, since D-box is natively intergrated with codemasters games that there will be an extra data channel provided for simxperience and other devices. Can anyone that knows about the development of this game confirm this? If anyone could help me out where would be the official channel for the developers to get this noticed?