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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    - I'd like to see a map like Dirt3 has where I can see where the upcoming turns are without a co-driver  - Co-driver sounds don't work for me, but I assume that will get fixed - We need perhaps another game mode in championship/career mode to earn credits, it's ruthless enough that you can lose more than you earn on a championship so I would like to see a few more ways to enjoy our rally cars, even a practise track would be nice.  It would be cool if we could do a single race or a challenge track of some sort with our career cars.  - I did horribly on the first championship race thing and lost money overall, without a way to redo that part of the championship over again I just wanted to reset the whole career and start over.  I am glad we have this option to reset progress but it also reset stats.  Seeing as how someone might want to reset it a few times, it would be cool if we had a way to reset and still retain some of those stats.  Maybe 2 pages of stats instead, and have the other one hidden from view unless you reset your stats and then a page 2 appears with stats including resets?  Would be easy to implement. - How about this instead, also super easy to implement, is to have 3 or more career save slots.  Because at the moment, I wasn't really presented with a save state to choose or load it just goes into autosave and does the single player experience thing.  What if someone had a little brother who wanted to play, if they played on the dudes career mode and lost a race it would negatively affect his game to the point where he might have to reset ALL PROGRESS and ALL STATS to be a fresh game, because of potentially 5 minutes mistake.  It would be cool if when we clicked on the championship button, it brought up 3 different save slots, click on the first one, enter your name, etc, and have everything else the same.  Then when you screw up after 8 hours of playing through that career, you can start a new career without necessarily deleting the old game with the old progress, you could click on save slot 2 and play.  Only reason I see this sort of thing being a necessity is because of how ruthless it is.  You can screw up so easily and there's literally no other option, just go to championship and do those sets of races, hoping to not mess up.  With Dirt3 and Dirt Showdown, you had a set of races you could do over and over until you did perfect on every one, this game is totally different in that you have 1 giant progression and if you don't win you might need to reset your whole game save.  Intense!  It was especially hard considering the co-driver sounds dont play, so it's at a great disadvantage with no map and no co-driver trying to do 100% perfect on every race.   - Ability to redo the 'race of the day' for the online thing.  GREAT feature, love it, will be sure to do that race of the day every morning.  I don't see why we can't do it several times through the day, not very fair if a person crashes once they are cut off from trying again.  I can understand why, but I would like to play it a couple times even if it cost me in-game credits to keep trying more than once! :) - I'd like stats on my online race-of-the-day challenges at some point, like a calendar I can go to and see all the days of the month, which are all races of the day so it works out perfectly, and when your cursor hovers over an icon you could quickly display the race type, car, world record and user record for that day, and you click on it have it show the top 20 users or something.  Just something so that we can look back and remember our accomplishments, 'cuz right now it's like we are just racing for our own enjoyment!  I don't see any other areas in the menu to look at what we did on those races. - Splitscreen multiplayer and LAN multiplayer.  I care about it more than online multiplayer (which is also a good time).  - If we launch our car off a cliff into oblivion, it would be cool to watch it roll to it's doom instead of the screen pausing and saying "unrecoverable car".  I'd much prefer to see the harsh reality of my mistake.  - Most wanted car suggestion: 1996 Suzuki Escudo Time Trial Car (Pikes Peak)