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  1. Descadent

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    FFB=Force Feedback lol... i know what ffb is... you missed the sarcasm...no ffb as in the game has none... well hardly any
  2. Descadent

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    ffb? what ffb?
  3. Bug Report Form ----------------------------------------------------------------------- System Spec (Provide as much info about your rig as possible) i7 2600k @ 4.6-gtx 980- 8gb 1600 ram- 256gb ssd- 2tb hd- asus maximus z67 mobo 3x asus rog swift @ 7680x1440 144hz Gsync  Oculus Rift DK2 350.12 DRIVERS Steps to reproduce no codriver audio and no turn signals on the ui Your recent history of races  every car, every track Which stage were you within the championship\custom event? every car every track 24/7 What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred? no crash just co driver audio issue How long was your current session? every time. all the time Which graphics preset were you using? ultra with 0x msaa ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DXDIAG: http://a.pomf.se/wdneyb.txt