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  1. It depends on how you count. If you count by the number of events in career mode, it seems like there's a lot less rally content than there really is because they played up the other disciplines pretty heavily. If you count the number of point-to-point stages available in multiplayer, and compare that to the number of variants available on the rallycross/land rush/raid tracks, it's arguably over 60%. And your brain is really distorting things for you, with regard to Monte Carlo. Most of the road in DiRT 3's Monte Carlo isn't much wider than your car is long, and isn't that much wider than th
  2. You're kidding, right? You never ran Mali Alan Pass? Ladang? Li River? Those are all very well laid out rally stages, and well worth mentioning. I don't know if you've ever heard of a little place called Monte Carlo, or not? They hold a rally there every now and then, it's in DiRT 3, and also well worth mentioning. Have YOU? Add Morocco and Baja stages into the list above, and you have a really good set of rally stages. Add the trailblazer stages in, since you can run ACAT on them, and over half the game is rally stages.
  3. It's been a blast for me. I'm loving the new game, and hoping you guys get everything dialed in soon.
  4. I'd love to see a good selection of fantasy hill climbs, rather than having them target real world ones. When they make a real world stage it has to be perfect, or people will nit-pick every last fault with it. When they make a fantasy stage it just has to be good, so they could make more of those in the same time frame. That would give us more diversity, and more quantity, while keeping the same quality.
  5. I hit something in the road proper the other day, and did a double bounce on the hood of my car. That's something that hasn't happened in any game other than RBR for me. I'm not sure exactly what it was because of the shadows I was in at the time, but it was definitely a wild ride.
  6. The complete game is still at least 8 months out, given that their timeline shows Early Access content releases coming in November. If waiting is your thing, feel free to wait. I'm enjoying the hell out of what they've given us already, and will continue to do so for those 8 months to come. The game is very playable, and highly enjoyable, in its current condition. Why would I want to forgo all those months of fun, to get a "finished product" that I'm able to get in pieces over the course of the next year anyway?
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