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  1. own996

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First and foremost, split this feedback thread up into several subforums, because this is going to turn into one big unreadable mess. Some feedback from me after having a quick look at the game: - It might just be my racing wheel (thrustmaster tx) but i did not see any clutch support - It should be possible to change more settings while driving, perhaps even if only in a test mode. You should be able to change the traction control level while driving to get a good feel of what is right for you, and also the possibility to change wheel setup sliders in-game would be awesome. Going back into the menu, change something and take it for another run is so much more hassle. - Steering feels way too light for me, i have all the force feedback cranked up to the maximum and it's still quite easy going. With RBR NGP cars i'd end up with blisters when setting force feedback to max. - steering in the center area feels dead. My deadzone is set to 0 and my wheel is at 540 degrees. When in corners i feel some feedback coming in, but when driving straight ahead it's like i'm driving on silky smooth tarmac. - Too much grip at low speeds. Especially in handbrake turns it feels like the car is gripping way too much, so handbrake slides feel unrealistic, and also i feel like i can brake quite hard without the wheels locking up - After the finish there should be a short run-off to slow down (like RBR). Now you can just fly over the finish at max speed even it's right in front of a cliff. - Tire choice, obviously - Pre-loaded presets for different surfaces and weather conditions (so those who don;t like to fiddle with every setting also have a decent starting point) - if there are really only 9 slots to save presets per car, we need more. (why even limit it?) - More setup options for the car - Support for multiple controllers (wheel, shifter, handbrake, button box, etc etc) - There should be an accessible API for interfacing with dashboard applications or external monitoring apps. All in all i'd say that the game is quite enjoyable, but if you're really aiming for a simulation (IE, to follow in the footsteps of RBR), then please realise that there's still a long road ahead.
  2. own996

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    May i assume from this comment that you're on board with Codemasters to provide them feedback during the further development of this game?
  3. own996

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I just wanted to say that the reason i bought the game yesterday is because i love your philisophy behind it. Back to the basics of rally, in a true simulation atmosphere, and using early access to get feedback from the community. I for one hope that the community will get behind this game and help you make it the next (insert your all-time favourite rally sim here....so RBR :) ). I didn't even get the time to play the game yet, but my first piece of advise would be to create some platform for user feedback form dirt: Rally. A single thread will become a huge mess. I'd say a subforum for Dirt:Rally, and then several subforums for each aspect of the game, so sound, graphics, controllers, wheels, physics, etc etc etc. Get abunch of moderators on those forums to keep track of registered (and solved) issues. This will surely get you more useful feedback, and will give you the chance to chose the community where you're going with the game. Good luck!