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  1. First and foremost, split this feedback thread up into several subforums, because this is going to turn into one big unreadable mess. Some feedback from me after having a quick look at the game: - It might just be my racing wheel (thrustmaster tx) but i did not see any clutch support - It should be possible to change more settings while driving, perhaps even if only in a test mode. You should be able to change the traction control level while driving to get a good feel of what is right for you, and also the possibility to change wheel setup sliders in-game would be awesome. Going back into th
  2. May i assume from this comment that you're on board with Codemasters to provide them feedback during the further development of this game?
  3. I just wanted to say that the reason i bought the game yesterday is because i love your philisophy behind it. Back to the basics of rally, in a true simulation atmosphere, and using early access to get feedback from the community. I for one hope that the community will get behind this game and help you make it the next (insert your all-time favourite rally sim here....so RBR :) ). I didn't even get the time to play the game yet, but my first piece of advise would be to create some platform for user feedback form dirt: Rally. A single thread will become a huge mess. I'd say a subforum for Dirt:
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