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  1. arthur93

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    After more game time I few a few bugs; 1. I have been playing the game with a logitech g27 and I find that gear shifts are way too slow. While driving it's pretty good but especially when I have spun out and come to a complete stop, I can't quickly flick through the gears. I have to wait for each gear to engage before I can change gear. 2. On the rally stage 'sprint en descente', there is a glitch once you reach the finish line and the camera goes underground and goes white and grey. 3. For some reason, sometimes my wheel goes off-centre as if wheel alignment is out. Even when suspension is 100% the wheel alignment is still off. 4. Also, whenever I start the game, I constantly have to redo my steering wheel settings (selecting what each button does). 5. And as someone else said above; more long straights to stretch the legs would be amazing. Guess that will be happening with Finland coming in later on but adjustments to current stages would be awesome!! Keep up the work codemasters. Loving the game!!
  2. arthur93

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Managed to play the game a bit more now. Also watched some youtube videos of the ford fiesta. A few things I noticed compared to real life; 1. One thing I notices is the lack of anti lag sounds. I did notice it a bit when the player lifts of the accelerator but it needs to be a lot louder and sound more violent. 2. More gearbox whine.
  3. arthur93

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First of all, a huge thank you to codemasters for listening to the fans! Very rare these days. Overall, even as an early access, this game is amazing. PROS 1. Absolutely everything!!! CONS 1. Like other wheel users have said, if the steering wheel rotation can be fixed so its the same between the steering wheel input and in game that would be fantastic. 2. Don't know too know too much of previous generation rally cars, but if they had a h-pattern manual, could that also be implemented into the game as I am a logitech g27 user and would love to use it. When in cockpit mode, the car shakes on rough surfaces which is great. Also, the steering wheel constantly moves in game but this isn't embedded into the force feedback of the steering wheel. If in real life the steering wheel can also move about just like in the game then that would be amazing. (correct me if I am wrong) 3. This team isn't working on F1 games!!!