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  1. on the racing wheel with TC SC abs set to off. I had my issues with losing control at 80-100 throttle and becoming unsettled in non ebreak corners. (see Profile/Game Preferences) Did you mean they don't slide enough on e break turns (inertial drifts, is that the term?), or snap on you during non e-break standard bends. If anyone else wants to add there 2 cents feel free.
  2. yip the co pilot now works after the update, Thank F*%k for that but the instructions come to fast for me so I need to change the instructions to earlier. till I get used to them and what they mean, anybody got a clue as to rally speak for us beginners or a link.
  3. not enough pull (veering) when on a flat tyre IMHO. (track MC approach, tarmac 98%, Mini) liked the rim noises when I eventually lost the tyre though.
  4. I see track IR (TrackIR) working in cockpit or bonnet (error) Dashboard view (no ingame support) but with the racing wheel it locks out my keyboard, I can't even Alt-Tab, so I had to configure the centre button (trackIR) on button 7 of the wheel. andbody got any tips on wheel settings for FFB on T300RS either via thrustmaster or ingame config menus. I received the wheel and track IR today in prep. for pcars, No I ain't kidding.  So I am looking for tips. system specs below. I need more game time but for those with track ir this works already. Last time I pla
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