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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    LASER SCANNED TRACKS To me the most important detail this project can have is Laser Scanned tracks. For this to be a true Sim, the tracks need to be made from track scans like true Sims. If small companies like Kunos can do this I am sure you guys can. There are other things that need work like the feedback, but I am sure in the end most of the will be taken care of. I really hope these tracks are from official track scans or I will still be left wanting. I have sources for the track scans, but money will be the issue. I have been working on a database with no luck, but I have located many sources, the issue will be talking to the right person and licensing. Bottom line, the true sim racers wont even consider this a sim in today's time unless you got official 3d track scans. Even cheap 3rd party dev tools are supporting it. http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/laser_scanning.aspx