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  1. Same here Platform - Steam
  2. Ok only a trivial one, i agree with more or less everyone has mentioned, if i have missed this one , then i apologise. In Time trial mode, please allow us to choose the official drivers from the team, it spoils the immersion a little when you are in for example a Merc, and you don't have the proper racing gear on. Yes only a trivial one.
  3. Platform Steam This is usually what happens..
  4. Platform - Steam. Credit goes to @Lebrass for his custom Livery.
  5. Good news that, just checked and can confirm i did get the livery. Thanks
  6. @PJTierney Do you know if you record a DNF you still get the livery ? Many thanks
  7. I am really unsure to be honest, i made 2 corners and that was it, i hope i can still get the liverey, fingers crossed, and thanks for your reply.
  8. Well started this challenge, Pc crashed, and yes a DNF cannot even restart challenge. What a downer.
  9. @mesa amazing design, downloaded it this morning, that chrome look is stunning. Thanks
  10. Location - Greece Platform - Steam Custom Livery.
  11. Steam, Custom Livery. Game looks amazing.
  12. Just downloaded the patch for the PS3 version in the uk around 30 minutes ago. 
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