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  1. vmax330

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I'm managing a league since four weeks and it is very interesting, thank you for this great game. But I'm missing some features (sorry for my poor english, I'm French...): it would be interesting to give us the choice to limit the number of times a player can restart a rally. It would also be interesting to control what kind of gearbox is used, and what kind of assists are activated. When we are creating an event, it would be nice to have the length of the stages directly displayed on the Dirt website, and sometimes I would like to create a new event before the other one is finished, but I can't do that without stopping the current season. And when an event is finished, it would also be nice to have an easy way to collect the results, with the times of each stage... Leagues are a great feature of Dirt, but I think some things can be improved...
  2. vmax330

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Big fan of Richard Burns Rally, I bought Dirt Rally yesterday and it's a good surprise. But the game doesn't allow me to use graphic settings other than low. If I try something else, I need to quit with ctrl + alt + supr. In low, MSI afterburner say my FPS are 125-130 so I'm sure I can use other settings... I have a Core i5-3570 3,4 GHz, an AMD Radeon HD 7950 3 Go, 16 Go of RAM Kingston, a SSD 128 GO + an HDD 1 To. It's still beautiful in low and the special stages are really interesting, nice beginning for this new game.