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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Registered on this forum as I wanted to say how great Dirt Rally is.  I am a massive rally game fan with RBR being my favourite. Dirt Rally is right up there with it,it  doesn't handle the same but its as enjoyable and testing as RBR.  The handling is way way better than other rally games in the past (bar RBR). Only feedback I have so far is  - Logitech G27 full support (proper FFB) - Can Dirt Rally be the first rally game to have other cars on stage, as in real life so if they have had a problem you can catch and try pass them (or you be passed if you are rubbish! :)  or if that's not possible have random stationary broken down competitors at the side of the road.  I was thinking how great it would look passing a car with steam/smoke pouring out of it at the side or it missing a wheel or something like that.