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  1. Bowtome

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I searched yesterday and couldn't find the drone or helicopter cam... where is it ? 
  2. Bowtome

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    One night race I did(well was the online daily challenge), it started off I could see the road, after a few crashes, I could only see the bottom half of the road, as if I had knocked the lights down, couldn't go more than 30mph after that as I couldnt see the road ahead.
  3. Bowtome

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    This badly, I wanted to watch a replay but I don't know what number my buttons are. Ended up not being able to watch. Even if not clickable, use the arrow keys to scroll through them...This is a must :)
  4. Bowtome

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    This is what the early access and forums are for, to make it perfect for the fans. So don't moan it isn't there yet, just keep giving good feedback...
  5. Bowtome

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    So far so good. People must remember this is early access and there will be many bugs. My system chose Ultra Graphics and they looks superb. I have all pace notes, voice overs etc. The co-pilot is way louder than the other sounds, but you can adjust the sounds to have co-pilot louder than engine, or other effects. I am playing on default. I only played on Keyboard so far, which was good, I will get my wheel out at the weekend. So far thumbs up