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  1. I swear this better have VR. And make the car physics behave like GRID 2.....extremely drifty/powerslidey! GRID 2 = the best GRID!
  2. thank you sir. I will pretend its grand turismo and use the bumper cam view.
  3. Hi guys. Question about the camera views. What are the different camera angles the game allows you to race from? I know about Cockpit and T-Cam, but is there a "hood" cam and a bumper cam? If yes to the bumper cam, can the height of the camera be adjusted relative to the ground?
  4. Suit yourself mate. I would never go back to using my Bodnar on any CM game even if it IS supported natively, because you still have to jump through the hoops of getting the game to play nice with multiple controllers plugged in your machine. With my setup and GIMX, any CM game recognizes only one controller, and that is the G27. Also, what are you talking about when you say "by using GIMX pending on your wheelbase you don't get all the information that base offers"....? that simply makes no sense. The game sends the same FFB signal to all wheels whether it's a G27, a Fanatec or a Bodnar.
  5. Guys listen, If worse comes to worse and CM doesn't address this issue and doesn't support your wheel, there is another solution.... There is an application and dongle adapter that allows you to use any steering wheel and pedals you want. It's called GIMX. What it does is, it tricks any windows game into thinking your wheel is a Logitech G27. The application used to be a bit tricky and cumbersome to set up, but it's gotten easier over time. I've been using GIMX for years now and I can't express enough how much it's made my life so much better because I can use my Bodnar Direct
  6. Just don't buy it bro. Higher price in many regions, no VR, and likely to have numerous bugs out the box. Much better alternatives out there, most notably Assetto Corsa. AC's(yes, the original one) PC community is continuing to grow and many are running their F1 leagues. PC version has so many F1 related mods it'll make your head spin. The VR support is exceptional and the game, now with Custom Shader's Patch, looks nothing short of STUNNING! Don't give this EA company your hard earned dollars guys. Buy a much cheaper and better game...Assetto Corsa. You won't regret it.
  7. Hi guys. Is it possible to adjust the height of the camera while in nose-cam/bumper-cam view? I always thought the default camera for nose-cam was always too low. I'd like to raise it to something along the lines of where Gran Turismo Sport has theirs.
  8. Same problem with the Logitech Driving Force EX. How is this NOT  steering wheel Codemasters????
  9. I don't understand how you guys can say G1 had good handling but G2 doesn't. The handling in G1 was [b]*EXTREMELY*[/b] arcade to the max!! I mean the amount of GRIP most of the cars had was LAUGHABLY over the top! The touring cars for example could take most corners with ease and with only the slightest touch of the brakes. The Indy car could take 90 degree turns full throttle LOL!! I love G1 but I mean C'mon guys. Let's not pretend it has even an ounce of sim physics in its handling. G1 and G2 are both arcade to limit. Can't speak about GAS since I haven't played it yet, but plan to when I
  10. By the way there are more than 800 people playing G2 as I type this. The game is 1 and a half years old. How many peeps are still playing G:AS LOL?
  11. Please tell me you are trolling, GRID 2 handling was awful... Heck the whole game was awful. Go back to your Need for Speed or whatever drifty crap you like. Umm, why don't you take some time to do some research in the thread below, before running your mouth. Then you'll see why there are actually MORE Grid 2 players playing online than GAS. Let's start with this post..... http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/57603/#Comment_57603
  12. I'd rather see GRID 4 come to all platforms, with the same physics and handling as Grid 2, nice and drifty. Then give it online cross platform support between PS4 and PC(ie Street Fighter V)
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