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  1. 2 hours ago, ChrisGrovesMCM said:

    Greetings, GRID fans! As you can tell by the hefty title, this latest update is full of the good stuff.

    It’s been a blast seeing your reaction to GRID’s return since the announcement trailer in May, and we’ve been mighty busy ever since with giving you more content, more information, and more reasons to get as excited as we are for the new GRID. As you may well have seen, we stocked up that hype train and took it all the way to Los Angeles earlier this month…


    We were delighted to be a part of this year’s E3 festivities in California, offering media the chance to test the latest work-in-progress version of GRID and chat to Game Director Chris Smith. Amongst those who came to say hello was the EasyAllies team, and you can hear their thoughts on GRID here. GameInformer were also on hand to test out GRID and pen their thoughts, whilst Chris had a interesting chat with Gamertag Radio about the Nemesis system, and how the game offers something for every kind of racer.

    To cap it all off, Deep Silver’s Aaron Espinoza joined Chris on the Twitch @ E3 sofa for a chat with their team.


    Whilst the team have been full steam ahead with development, we’ve also been taking on your feedback to see what you want to know more about. Whilst some details are still being finalised and we can’t answer everything (!), here are some confirmed notes based on community feedback:

    • The module you may’ve seen in the middle of the screen during gameplay is the Racecraft meter. This tracks your performance and tendencies in races and is linked to your general progression in GRID, which we’ll discuss more in the future. Like the majority of HUD elements, the Racecraft meter can be disabled, if you prefer.
    • All cars and events in GRID are split into seven classes. They are: Touring, Tuner, Stock, GT, Formula J, Prototypes and Group 7 Specials. Can confirm: Formula J is based around single-seater, open-wheel racing, and we’ll be revealing more on this later.
    • The single-player modes in GRID are playable offline.
    • Wheels and pedals will be supported. Closer to launch, we’re aiming to publish a definitive list of supported peripherals.
    • Some of the work-in-progress footage we’ve been able to show has 12 cars in an event. Come launch, you’ll have plenty more opponents to race against across all modes.

    We’ll keep answering as many queries as possible through our social channels and the Forums, and there will of course be more brand new details as we race towards launch in September.


    Now, for the really fun bit.

    We’re aiming to release GRID’s complete car list gradually across all our channels on the way to launch, and we’re beginning today with 12 cars across four different classes. You’d have seen some of these in our recent screenshots and work-in-progress footage, whilst others are a bit more of a surprise…

    • Auto Gallery Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) – Tuner
    • Audi RS 3 LMS – Touring
    • Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept – Stock*


    • Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Modified – Stock
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7.R – GT
    • Dodge Challenger SRT Modified – Stock
    • Ferrari 488 GTE – GT


    • Ford Focus TC-2 – Touring
    • Ford Mustang Mach 1 Modified – Stock
    • Pontiac Firebird Modified – Stock*
    • Porsche 911 RSR – GT
    • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR – Touring


    *Ultimate Edition exclusive


    And… breathe. There’s a lot of GRID goodness in there to get stuck into, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Forums (where you’ll find our pre-order links) and social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), where we’ll continue to bring you more info ahead of GRID’s launch this September on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

    This is all nice and everything, but what about VR support?

  2. If you had take your best guesstimate, what would you say the chances are of F1 2019 having VR support, especially after the uproar from the community of Dirt Rally 2 not *initially* having it? Do you suspect Codies will FINALLY listen and put VR in their F1 game(either for PC or PSVR)?

  3. Sorry Fractured but I disagree. From the footage I've seen, that Halo is overwhemlingly distracting and there is absolutely NO WAY I could drive those cars with that ugly bar sitting right in front of me. I honestly don't know what the FIA(or whoever is responsible for that design) were thinking with that Halo. It makes the cars look ugly as sin and I can't imagine Hamilton or any other F1 driver enjoying driving the car with that silly looking vertical bar staring right at them.

  4. I am 100% confirm the OP's claims. The AI in quali can sometimes be outrageously unrealistic! I'm currently at China, and it's raining. Everyone is using SS tires! Kimi Raikkoden or whatever his name is just placed 1st with a time 1:46.....IN THE RAIN!!!!! Are you kidding me??? The fastest I can go in the rain is a 1:55. Why on earth are they using SS and I'm forced to drive with Wet tires because SS is obviously undriveable in the rain.

  5. I've been playing the Career mode(100% full race weekend mode) for only a short period and I'm only at China so far.  Which category should I spend my "Resource" points on? I've already invested in the first Engine Power upgrade, and then I went with the first one in the Downforce category. But where should I go from there? Seems I will only have enough points to invest in ONE of the several upgrade paths so I would like to get your opinions on which one will make my car perform the best? Any suggestions? 

  6. xFitcho said:
    I've just started playing F1 2016 on PC, I normally play on Xbox, and I've noticed the FFB is very different. On PC, it feels like the FFB is only working at 25%. I'm using a Thrustmaster TX with F1 rim, with 100/100/100 settings, same on both Xbox and PC. Any idea how to fix this or is the FFB just poor on PC? 
    The FFB on PC indeed very poor, and more and more people are starting to realize it. I've been saying it for months now.