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  1. If you had take your best guesstimate, what would you say the chances are of F1 2019 having VR support, especially after the uproar from the community of Dirt Rally 2 not *initially* having it? Do you suspect Codies will FINALLY listen and put VR in their F1 game(either for PC or PSVR)?
  2. isamu99

    Cross platform play?

    I mean, the next Gran Turismo will have it, so why not GRID?
  3. isamu99

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    VR support please.
  4. This is all nice and everything, but what about VR support?
  5. isamu99

    GRID development team insight

    Hi Chris. Can you find out if the game will support VR?
  6. isamu99

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Obligatory No VR No buy!!
  7. isamu99

    Question about F1 2018

    I don't own the game so I was just curious..... does the game allow you to drive the cars *without* the Halo? Is there an option to remove it?
  8. isamu99

    Question about F1 2018

    Sorry Fractured but I disagree. From the footage I've seen, that Halo is overwhemlingly distracting and there is absolutely NO WAY I could drive those cars with that ugly bar sitting right in front of me. I honestly don't know what the FIA(or whoever is responsible for that design) were thinking with that Halo. It makes the cars look ugly as sin and I can't imagine Hamilton or any other F1 driver enjoying driving the car with that silly looking vertical bar staring right at them.