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  1. Hi All! BUG : Have to reconfigure controls each time i launch the game, after the lates update. BUG : Crashes when select Save and exit to main menu   TRANSLATION GLITCH: In Italian "Ricomincia" means "Restart", you should rather use "Continua partita salvata" to say "Continue saved game" or just  "Continua"  Keep up the good work guys!
  2. PS. I forgot: Proper Manual shifting on older cars?
  3. Agree. Especially on the removable arms and wheel. And the steering degrees and FFB. About the grip and the group B cars i don;t know, try to go faster maybe :) Handbrake i think it's ON/OFF, so once you pull it, it's 100%. Should be configured in a way that you can use an axis rather than a button. For now, i just pull it very briefly, and it works almost the same.
  4. Hi all. Thanks to CM for this very cool rally simgame (not quite sure if more of a sim or more of a game). I'm no rally expert ( i mainly use circuit sims) but i really see some realism and potential here. The grip of the car on different surfaces is just spot on. I love it. Will need to test better the setup changes and see how they affect the car behaviour. So far i 've tested the gear ratio, improving acceleration on the otherwise in a coma Lancia Fulvia, and brake bias, moving it to 50/50 (Lancia Fulvia) improves cornering quite a bit. FEEDBACK: The 2 suggestions that pops in my mind right
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