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  1. ScorpioGT

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hi All! BUG : Have to reconfigure controls each time i launch the game, after the lates update. BUG : Crashes when select Save and exit to main menu   TRANSLATION GLITCH: In Italian "Ricomincia" means "Restart", you should rather use "Continua partita salvata" to say "Continue saved game" or just  "Continua"  Keep up the good work guys!
  2. ScorpioGT

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    PS. I forgot: Proper Manual shifting on older cars?
  3. ScorpioGT

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Agree. Especially on the removable arms and wheel. And the steering degrees and FFB. About the grip and the group B cars i don;t know, try to go faster maybe :) Handbrake i think it's ON/OFF, so once you pull it, it's 100%. Should be configured in a way that you can use an axis rather than a button. For now, i just pull it very briefly, and it works almost the same.
  4. ScorpioGT

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hi all. Thanks to CM for this very cool rally simgame (not quite sure if more of a sim or more of a game). I'm no rally expert ( i mainly use circuit sims) but i really see some realism and potential here. The grip of the car on different surfaces is just spot on. I love it. Will need to test better the setup changes and see how they affect the car behaviour. So far i 've tested the gear ratio, improving acceleration on the otherwise in a coma Lancia Fulvia, and brake bias, moving it to 50/50 (Lancia Fulvia) improves cornering quite a bit. FEEDBACK: The 2 suggestions that pops in my mind right now are: I would definitely improve the FFB, and add mouse support on the menu, for a better user experience. BUGS ENCOUNTERED: -Is the speedo showing the correct speed??? I changed to Metric units but the car (according to the speedo) seems to go much slower then actually is. -Game freezes when try to overwrite a car setup after i made changes.  - Not possible to go back to full screen if i Alt+Tab to windows (eg to start Fraps or check FB) unless going to options and setting Full Screen to ON again. QUESTION: How do i change the co-pilot language?