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  1. I, however, would sacrifice pretty much anything else for VR, particularly Rallycross.
  2. Why are you so rude to everybody?
  3. When the game initially loads up, the 2d screen I see in the Oculus headset is always in a slightly random position. Sometimes it's off to the side somewhat or quite far above you in extreme cases. I've got reset mapped to a button on my wheel, so I can reset it to a normal view easily. The problem is that between each stage the camera defaults to the view from when the game initially loaded, so I have to reset the view either in the service area or at the start of the next stage. That isn't a major issue, but it does it in the middle of stages too. When the camera changes itself as you'r
  4. What platform you're playing on (Steam or Oculus). Steam - Oculus mode What headset you're using. Rift S What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.). 1070 Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (Steam only). Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. Thrustmaster T300, pedals attached the wheel base. Baumholder is unplayable due to a constantly resetting camera. Why is the camera reset option in the game not a permanent reset? It seems to last only unt
  5. This needs to happen. The liveries for the Focus 2001 are really poor as well.
  6. Hopefully we'll be able to get it another way, if we ever get the dlc 🤦‍♂️
  7. I'm not sure you've understood the concept of early access there.
  8. This stuff could do with being split into separate forums/threads too.  Feedback is going to get lost here otherwise.
  9. Amazing job guys!  Well impressed with the game so far.  Positives include: - Great handling, only tried the 60s Mini but so far, so good. - Realistic pace notes, best I've heard in a rally game. - Great list of cars. - Brilliant stages (in Greece and Wales anyway!) A couple of things that I'd like to see: - Better ffb, I'm not sure it's working at all on my Thrustmaster TX wheel.  Rumble is there but minimal/no ffb. - Ability to change the seating position in the in car view.  At the moment I think there's too much interior and not enough road so I'd like to be
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