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  1. SharkyOB

    Ideas for DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 2 DLC RX Content

    I really hope the other three rallies from the first game do return in season 2, that's all I want really. The new stages are glorious and having everything from both games all in one place is perfect for me.
  2. SharkyOB

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    This simulator/arcade thing is so boring; tribalism applied to games.
  3. Most of all, I really want to see the rest of the rallies from the first game return in Season 2! I don't really care about rallycross so more proper rallying for me. If we do get new ones, new environments which look unique would be lovely, maybe China or Malaysia? Or actually, how about more stages for the rallies that already exist? Car wise, I'd love to see the Toyota Corolla/Celica make an appearance. The Lada mentioned above would be amazing and maybe we could have the Porsche 911 from the 70s?
  4. Loving the game so far! I have noticed a couple of issues though: - Some cars need a proper internal gear indicator for those of us using sequential shifting. It's completely missing on the Escort Mk2 for example and is unreadable when travelling at speed on some cars. This is going to become a huge issue for me once the VR update is released. - All liveries apart from the default one for the Fiesta (either R2 or R5, can't remember which) have a ridiculously huge sun visor on the windscreen, you can't see out of the car in cockpit view! Other than this and the ffb issues, the game is amazing. Well done everyone!