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  1. nokazutakicimo

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Can we have stage length displayed in the stage info screen? It would be nice to have stage statistics available upon completing a stage: max/avg speed, air time/length, etc. 
  2. nokazutakicimo

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    it looks like FFB isn't implementing the feel of the road, but I'll need to test more. I can only feel some FFB if I turn the wheel more than 90degrees but that's not the feel of the road/surface. I use wheel FFB settings to the max in the game.
  3. nokazutakicimo

    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Works with the T300RS, FFB not too realistic at this point but I understood that's the way it is with all wheels now. I'll need to find the time to play some more. Keep up the good work!