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  1. I personaly think dirt 4 is getting to easy as stated above RBR easy? euhm i think not.Dirt 4 is getting easy as i said earlier in another post its getting easier and easier car grips roads like they stick on it like glue.As someone else posted if you drive a high performance car on gravel roads you can't go full throttle everywhere.If you push a little on the brakes the car just throws itself sideways.Also the Escort Cosworth drives like it has 500bhp. ps i leave all assist on off.
  2. I Just hope Codemasters keeps adding more realistic rally stages i love the English stages in the UK what a blast with the escort cosworth!!!a real weather mod would also be nice like i allready said.And as other people suggested more tarmac stages and more country's wich i'm sure you (codemasters) will add later on, i'm so thankfull we finaly get a realistic rally game after all those years of consolish kids stuff.thx Codies !! :)
  3. I sincerly hope there will be never a console version, since the rise of the consoles (2005) alot of good games went downhill like dirt almost everything became arcade even rainbowsix cod etc etc and dirt!!. leave the Gymkhana and Ken block stuff for the consoles, and keep the realism for the pc gamers. I'm glad codemasters gave us this for such a good price.:)
  4. latest update i want to use my keyboard not stupidly scroll around with my x360 controler in game.... edit found it with pferences you can change settings back with keyboard and drive with controler.About the game itself,maybe make some differences in damage like realistic,custom and easy.I just drove with the escort cosworth full speed against a tree and only had a smashed window and some bumps on the bumper and hood of the car.with such a frontal impact it should be game over....
  5. Of course ! When people speack about rally, everyone think about Mercedes, of course... 100% agreed ;)
  6. It would be nice to have the French rally tracks in the mountains wich we're in you know wich rally game ;)( RbR) ;). I'm hooked to this game thx codemasters for making us pc gamers happy :).More developers should make realism games for pc and leave the kids stuff for consoles.
  7. some people complaining about being to hard this is rally...no dirt more RbR, practice practice play with the throttle and glide ;).i personally find it a bit easy but i'm confident codemaster will make this game great :) (i hope).
  8. Was there some sort of update today....i drove through British rally with the escort cosworth tried multiple times to wreck the car...damage has to go up a lot if i slam hard into a standing car i want my car to be wrecked or when i smash into a  pile of wood logs i just reverse and drive(thats not realism driver errors happen).Thats totally not realistic :/. also keyboard doesn't work dumbed down with controler settings from xbox controler com'on codemasters... ps handling seems to be easy to :/
  9. My apologies Sam! I didn't have time to read all the replies, its getting a bit much to  read everything up here after a working day. :)
  10.  NNOOOOO (Ken Block stuff) please this is pc gaming we want realism maybe they make a dirt 4 (Ken Block edition)  ;) 
  11. I'm glad there is no Gymkhana or Ken Block Special in this game just keep it a pure rally game with high realism i think most of us are waiting for this kind of game a long time.As said before sounds could be better i see some people reporting about strange handbrake and stuff but its a bit getting used to, i must admit the car interiors should also get more realistic and as i said before more turbo sounds ;)i would also like more realistic skins for the cars like the lancia in martini colors etc ;).Keep it up codemasters this could be a winner.
  12. Thx codemasters finally a true rally game!!this game has a lot of potential i hope that the car sounds get more realistic( miss the turbo sound) and more older nineties and eighties rally cars are added.This is the kind of game we need on pc a real sim!!
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