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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Well first of all thanks for giving the opportunity to bring our feedback to a new "simulation" rally game. ANd my comments are for making this game a simulation , not an arcade style one. Before i start giving feedbacks, I have to say that i am a rally driver since more than 10 years on Group N, Group A, kit cars and S2000 cars. 1) Physics are quite good to start with so pretty nice, but we need more details and feedbacks from the FFB. Keep on working on that. Careful to the implementation of front wheel drive (R2, R3). surface are nice. On tarmac though, sensibility of the wheel is far too quick. I DO NOT AGREE in what i read before about tarmac grip being too high, at least not for Group A and WRC (and later on R2, 3, 4 and 5, and S2000 cars). Nowaday's grip is huge on these cars, added to that excelent grip from competition tyres. People who has not drive a modern rally car can't even imagine the grip level of them. Having a simulation doesn't mean the car has to slide everywhere ! 2) Very important mistake : The gear change time is the same for every car. It looks ok for 60's,70's but from 80's it's start to be too long. On group A and B cars, they had straight dog teeth gears, wich allowed very quick gear changes (up and down) even if it was not sequential. On S2000, WRC, R2, R3, R4 and R5 cars, they are sequential and very very much quicker than in the game. 3) Gear ratio : all cars are 5 speed gearbox ! Since 80's 6 speed dog cut teeth gearboxs appears. Also the gears themself seems to be too far away from each other ( rpm drops too much between them) especially on 3, 4 and 5th even choosing "short gearbox" 4) On group A cars also (Impreza and Escort Cosworth) and WRC (and later R4 and R5 cars) you should implement the ALS (Anti-Lag System) used for the turbo. I mean for the SOUND of it and for the MECANIC action of it (it's purpose : no lag, turbo is kept charging even if the gas pedal is lifted) 5) sound : some cars are not bad at all, but some engine sounds needs real improuvments (impreza, wrc, Group B and Group A) Try to be closer to really  pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase as sound is a great (huge) part of immersion. 6) Possibilty to change co driver voices, and maybe pacenote system ? Or applying pacenote mods ?  7) BUG : when i hit the replay button after a stage, game crash 8) AND finaly, work on this "SENSE OF SPEED", especially when you are driving inside the car, as real simulation enthousiast should do That's my first comments, will try to give more after more usage of the game. KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK !