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  1. zamex23ss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Trottle and break input must be fixed..i need to fully pressed pedal for game to detect it..it's nightmare to drive on limit while you don't have fully control over trottle/brake imput
  2. zamex23ss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Great start codemasters...that said.. Some things needs to be fixed. 1. 900 degrees wheel support, game should adjust to every car seperatly  2. FOV and camera customization in game, for dashboard camera and cockpit cam 3. Removable arms and steering wheel 4. Cars have too much drift, Group B if you look at old recordings they slide all the time, right now in game they are sticked to the ground 5. I don't know, but handbrake feel strange to use..maybe just to me 6. FFB is way off right now, no feel whats happening with car 7. More drifty cars in general.