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  1. The forum doesn't allow more than 10 choices for polls, so I created one on surveymonkey.com, which was the easiest of online survey sites to copy-paste a list and create a poll on. The survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZRNGT2N Sorry for missed ones. You can identify your favorite one from my video. (Which doesn't include some of choices in the survey.)
  2. I don't get the people who want this car and that car etc. - basically more content. What will you do with your shiny cars without good driving? The only most important thing is physics. It would be a shame if 2014's Codemasters can't make a game with a physics engine on par with the one made by 2004's Warthog.
  3. This page has good info: http://n4g.com/channel/dirt-4
  4. History of rally games (DiRT games included :D ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FROLONJoku8
  5. This page has some info about the game.
  6. Narrower roadsRBR-like physicsCloser to simulation, but still a rally game.Serious and simple design like CMR - no one speaking in menus like you're five.Field of view adjustment.Rally championship, rally-only career.
  7. Forum looks very good. I wanted to link my youtube, and it basically wants to take the control of my google/youtube account. lol Edit: It looks like It's the RaceNet thing, not the forum, so that we can upload videos from ingame. Thanks justbiglee for clarifying
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