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  1. The biggest problem with the physics is revealed in the movement of the cars in the replay, as always. I am so used to seeing badly done animation now, even the fact that you can approach it artistically or mathematically. When the car goes loose both the way it goes loose and the way it regains grip has way too linear movement. This should be eased in and out of, for smooth motion. Sudden wheel/controller movement shouldn't directly relate to turning on a dime. Some layer of this physics simulation is oversimplified. My guess is the tires.
  2. I agree with what most people are saying about the grip. What I think RBR got so right is the feeling of a car on gravel, it should sort of be like you are always floating, like the ground is always on the move and you are sliding on top of it. It's not that far off, but a tweak overall would probably be in order. Also as some people also mention, sounds. If you look at the Lancia video posted, it's not just about engine sounds either, there needs to be more "noise". Gravel, wind, crowd, helicopters (when they are added), trees, etc.
  3. Btw, Codemasters, you are busted. Shadowplay saves footage as Dirt 4. Not Dirt Rally. Don't sneak in some gymkhana in the last minute now  ;)
  4. Really enjoying the game so far, closest thing to RBR when it comes to great rally game. Hope you'll improve Rift support with menus too as that's next on my list. So far been trying with a 360 controller and screen only, and that's worked well. When it comes to cars I'd like to see more of the special cars, like the RX-7 rally cars in the RWD category. I have driven enough Impreza's to last me a lifetime even if I know they are great and there's many versions for a reason.
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