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    DiRT Rally - Out Now

    That isn't final. If we can prove the demand is there, we can see what happens in the future but as of right now we're focusing on our Early Access model.  Could you not do something like Polyphonic did with Gran Turismo, when they released a prologue when the game was half way through development?  That didn't seem to harm their sales once the game was fully released. I get that the game is still quite young in its development, so maybe once  you feel enough contents is ready to do such a thing? As we don't know or neither yourselves when a full release of Dirt Rally will be, I know of a lot of disappointed  hardcore rally fans once this became clear to them. I've purchased every rally game you've released apart from Dirt 1 and 2, which in my opinion  went backwards for those of us who are hardcore rally fans. this was after playing the demo's for those games, I only picked up Dirt 3 because it was on offer straight after release and was left disappointed with how far away it had shifted from the great Colin McRae games. I for one wont be purchasing a high end gaming PC, just so I can play what looks to be a huge step in the right direction from my point of view. If the game isn't released on console, then you've lost one very loyal customer and probably many more.