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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Suggestion - Multiplayer: Being able to sit down on the Co-Pilot's seat and direct your (human) Pilot through the course. "Just" another Camera Angle in the Car and a look at the notebook where, in the test & training runs, the co-pilot can take notes. Maybe headshaking and impacts should be visible so the Co-Pilot has, apart from the track itself, use the mouse or the analog stick to keep his view at the notebook and be in constant communication with the driver. My friends and I are in hope for such a multiplayer mode for years and it would really suit the ambitions you are trying to fulfil with Dirt Rally. Idea Summary: What is it all about:  The need of pace notes, reconnaissance drive and intense atmosphere while communicating in team.Mode: Co-Pilot as a Multiplayer part / e.g. Co-Op/Team Up-Mode Career with Pilot/Co-Pilot setup and buying cars, radios, etc) Each stage should have the possiblity for 1 or 2 test/training/ reconaissance runs to help the co-pilot to take notes during challenges. Co-Pilot necessary especially when it comes to tuned/ setup cars; as faster speeds are possible and the pilot has to rely on itControls: Keyboard, Mouse / Analog Stick Keyboard especially to take notes, Arrow Keys to turn pages of the notebook / Maybe even the slide of the finger downwards the page of the notebook could be visible to not lose the thread. (cf. Camera)Camera: Suffers from impacts, positive and negative acceleration, player can (has to) "counter-steer" the camera to keep eyes on road or notebook.Audio: Voice-Over-Net should be an option, if possible with a filter, indicating the radio distortions (which can be improved by buying a better radio setup during the career - Unfortunately Teamspeak use would by-pass this idea. - maybe a compulsory TS3-plugin like TFAR for ArmA3 or at least for hardcore enthusiasts?  Possibilites: It would be a nice esport-mode. Difficulties: There should be many track variants for each track, so that the Pilot needs to know the informations given by the co-pilot. Setup cars can take turns in larger speeds - the team has to try out the stage and take notes together, the Pilot's comments during the test runs would be extremely important to the co-pilot and vice versa in the real stage run. Under no circumstances the driver should be able to have kind of "radar", length or time informations given by the game. (except the tachometer of the car of course) I hope I was able to point out the idea.