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  1. Codemasters I Have A Great Game Idea Called (Touring Cars) The Game Would Features (British Touring Car Championship) (V8 Supercars Championship) All The Official Drivers, Cars, Teams, And Circuits Of That Season. If This Game Was Based On The 2014 Seasons It Would Feature. (British Touring Cars Championship) 32 Drivers 11 Different Cars Manufacturers 21 Teams 10 Circuits (V8 Supercars Championship) 25 Drivers 5 Different Cars Manufacturers 16 Teams 14 Circuits What The Game Would Require. All Practice And Qualifying Sessions.
  2. Yeah when you accelerate that is when it happens in the wet is very hard the al cars are a lot faster becasue of this loss in traction.
  3. yes i plug my controller in but still with full traction control the car still has the same problem
  4. please test japan track in full wet with a keyboard and full traction control on just see how the car rev`s up when you turn and it just well not pick up speed with full traction control it should not do this it cost alot of time every lap can you fix this with a patch. this happens at all tracks its the car in wet or dry it still happens it makes you to slow, please fix it. thanks
  5. a 9 is fair just CM need to listen to all the wishlist ideas.
  6. happy with f1 2014 played a few short races and seems good but i thinks CM should speed up the pit stop so its more closer to real life like times. and the al cars dont seem to have any problems with tyre wear they real need a patch to set this right. but the reviews f1 2014 got was not right at all they said the game was no good but the game is a lot better then what they said.
  7. would have liked to see a whole lap onboard. looks great and the sound wow  
  8. thanks PeteTheDuck good source of info
  9. well lets hope f1 2015 has warm up laps
  10. would be nice to see all practice session back. in f1 2013 grand prix mode the cars setup feels different to career mode setups just made it hard to find the right setup
  11. has f1 2014 got a warm up lap before start of race and is practice 1 2 & 3 back
  12. old hockenheim adelaide street circuit circuit paul ricard autodromo juan y oscar galvez kyalami
  13. i like the idea, DarkRedslayer talked about a co-op in Nascer how good would that be at daytona two cars need to work as one now thats team work
  14. F1 2013 Is A Huge Improvement From F1 2012 In Game Play. Now i have a few features and ideas i like included in F1 2014. Game Play No.1 - Radio Communication - I know you cant have communication with your engineer via a mic so the way i would have Radio Communication In The Game Is Have A 4th Quick Menu Selection Called (Radio) Where You Can Select From (Car Ahead) (Car Behind) (Tyre Wear) (Request Pit) If you select (Car Ahead) Your engineer will tell you what the differents was between last lap times was of the car ahead - If you select (Car Behind) Your engineer wi
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