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  1. I just drove fiesta WRC in GB, and I checked some numbers. At the start line 0-100 takes this car about 5 seconds. WRC cars are about 1 second faster in that case. Another thing is reachable max speed. At gearbox set 1/4 short I wasn't able to drive faster then 150 km/h downhill. When the terrain is flat 6th gear is completly useless. I reached max 145 hm/h. I think WRC cars are underpowered hard at this point. You just don't feel this car as wild and fast as it should be.
  2. They wanted feedback from the community and that is exactly what they are getting.  There is an overwhelmingly large sim racing community that absolutely wants this to be RBR and more.   Even though I don't feel the RBR handling model is that great I want that particular level of detail and physics modeling that's around it. I thought that the community wanted as much close to irl as possible but copying another game for that seems way off. It seems that everyone has done rallying and know exactly how everything should be. Only reason why RBR has received the sim status is becau
  3. To be honest, this is the official forum, but the devs answers more on the steam discussion. And then there is a subreddit. Where do I leave my feedback best? I am confused as well, thought that official forum is the best way to share a feedback but I am not so sure anymore.
  4. IMHO as lots of people here are pointing out the same things, it would be nice if someone from Codemasters referred to our feedback. I think that buying this game at EA makes us testers and we should cooperate with Codies not just by one way posts, when we have no idea if our statements are even listened. I bought this game becouse developers claimed that they will be close to the community, and with our help they want to create unique game. In my opinion being close means not only reading posts(I hope they do it) but also talking back to us.
  5. I totally agree with you. At exits from tight corners(especially on termac) it's nearly impossible to lose grip by using full throttle. For me WRC cars seems to be a little bit underpowered or more likely the tires have too much grip. To see this just watch replay from any termac hairpin and compare car behaviour with film Alwert linked. Also, as somebody mentioned before, big flashy text with countdown to reset the car seems more frustrating to me then useful. Player should be allowed to reset his car when he wants to by using proper button when the car is stopped with the constant penalty.
  6. Hello Everyone! I bought new DIRT just becouse devs said they want to do true rally sim. As a former member of RBRczech community(with some succesess) I was delighted that after all this years somebody has finally come up with this idea :) I am hoping that EA will help this game to beat RBR and create another amazing community. Here are my ideas to improve the game: allow modders to create new cars/tracksimplement tire choice - just like you did it in CMR4/5 IMHO cars are a bit too glued to the surface. It is very hard to lose grip.I was a bit disappointed with Monte Carlo stages. On te
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