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  1. BirminghamChuck

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I've enjoyed multiplayer as much as the next guy. I've completed multiple co-op seasons and raced in online F1 leagues with past versions of the game but, I've always looked forward to the Career mode just as much as the online racing. I have spent many hundreds of hours in Career mode and I enjoy it immensely. I was about to pre-order the game on Steam a couple of nights ago until I visited the Steam forums and saw a thread titled "No Career Mode". I've always supported you guys at Codemasters and enjoyed your games but, I'm afraid no Career mode means no sale for me. You guys might also be interested to know that the money I had set aside in my Steam Wallet for F1 2015 has now been spent on a pre-order for Project Cars. I will consider purchasing F1 2015 if and when Career mode is added back into the game.