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  1. I have a hi end PC, with 2x980. In benchmark mode (triple screen) all at ultra:  Min:63 Fps Med:78 Fps Max:89 Fps But at night in rain: I can´t maintain 60 fps, it deeps into 45/49 (windshield view)  Only in the chase cam, i can have vsync On, but this is a sim, I can t drive in outside view
  2. I cannot understand why so many praise RBR as the most perfect rally sim.... I ´m sorry, it was not... if that was like the real think, almost all rally drivers had died a terrible horrible death :)   difficult does n´t mean SIM! Anyway, great work Codemasters!! Finally you have read my dreams !  Just hope that you listening the community, and deliver the best possible Rally Sim.
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