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  1. Blackerat

    [PC] [Audio] [F1 2019] No speech in game

    @SlXNlNE Great info , thank you, switched to stereo in sound card properties and bingo now have commentators and team radio, I guess its being pushed to centre speaker on 5.1 I hoped it was as simple as that. Thanks support you can close this now 🙂
  2. Blackerat

    [PC] [Audio] [F1 2019] No speech in game

    Cheers sixnine, will give that a go, and when I get a chance and energy I will provide a DXdiag, probably next Sunday 🙂
  3. Blackerat

    [PC] [Audio] [F1 2019] No speech in game

    Thanks for the reply, will be a week before I get back on the gaming rig, if there is no known remedy I will just uninstall until I have more time, after this pandemic, runs everything else flawlessly, appreciate you need info, but I have no time to troubleshoot your game.
  4. Blackerat

    [PC] [Audio] [F1 2019] No speech in game

    Its a fresh install of windows and latest BIOS was installed, all done beginning of March.
  5. Blackerat

    [PC] [Audio] [F1 2019] No speech in game

    Installed on my Desktop computer and all works okay, just doesn't seem to want to work on the gaming rig under auto, it does have multiple sound cards. Verified files in steam all okay, just reinstalled the MS Voice software the game installs, still the same. Sadly not much time to troubleshoot, unlike others my work load in the real world trebled over the last 4 weeks with this pandemic. hardware_settings_config.xml
  6. No commentators or team radio in F1 2019. I have read about changing language and back again which I have completed, also dialing back the audio quality in windows to DVD, no joy, if I switch from auto device to my simvibe soundcard I hear the radio engineer through my transducers, but switch back to teh auto device nothing in my headphones. Same in DX11 and DX12 versions. I really am trying to get on with this F1 series, its my 4th attempt over the years sadly I always run into an issue I cannot resolve.