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  1. CTR69

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Agreed, there should be sub-sections for graphics, sound, physics, cars, stages, UI,...
  2. CTR69

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Since everybody else already mentioned the FFB, I'll start with User Interface: Please remove all console influence, UI must be fully controllable with mouse. With clever design, you can stack all information into one or two windows. Having to press enter 6 times to start the race is not good. Don't be afraid of stacking more stuff into one window and use dropdown windows. Having everything in one place is much better than swapping between 2-3 windows with enter and escape.  Car and track selection should be done on one screen. Also please add the stage length info next to the surface info. Get rid of the "press enter to start" console thingy. Everytime this text appears, game should already select enter for the player and roll the animation to next screen.  Also I've noticed that I have buttons "back" "forward" "restart",... in bottom left mapped to numbers on some controller I don't know about. Replace these numbers with clickable icons.