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  1. Hopefully you guys are right about it being the last 360/PS3 game, GRID I can deal with I only really want it because there are no NG racers at the moment, but if they don't release F1 on NG then they really are taking the mick. 
  2. JDring

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    If the reasoning behind it is them feeling like we're ripped off then just bloody release it anyway, most of the PS4 titles right now are dodgy ports from current gen (Fifa, CoD, Madden etc). Frankly I'd be happy to buy this for my PS4 especially since the only racing game available at this point is Need For Speed which isn't the type of racing game I want to play at all. I wish my 360 hadn't broke when it did otherwise I would've bought it, but it's still stupid that so many developers are taking this route (even £A decided not to port the world cup game onto NG). It's early in the lifespan, it's fine if your game doesn't use the console's potential.
  3. JDring

    will the release date ever be renegotiated?

    I'm glad there's a topic on this, I completely agree the release schedule should be changed at some point.  In an ideal world, 2014 will get released on PS4/XOne normally this year in Sep/Oct. Then either skip 2015 or merely release a game that only updates rosters, liveries etc. with no gameplay changes before ultimately releasing 2016 in May/June and then update teams at a couple of points throughout the season. Every other successful sports game at the moment does this so I'm surprised CM haven't aimed for it already.
  4. JDring

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Releasing it earlier in the season and just updating the car performances throughout the year would be good, but it's too late for that one. I'm sure they'd get more sales that way too, but maybe for 2015/16/17. Hopefully the full podium can be introduced including the interviews etc. There should be more than enough disc space on NG consoles to allow this.  Going to back to the 'live the life' career mode style from F1 2010 would be good too, I preferred the Dirt 2 style menus were you were in the paddock rather than the traditional menus that were on F1 2012 (not sure about 2013 never had the chance to play it).