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  1. I solved.                                                                                                  &nb
  2. The problem continues to Unable to connect to the private leagues. please you are looking at this problem.
  3. Please, since Saturday night. get this message. In private leagues. Is there any problem..?. we are more Spanish users and none we can get into league. Message: The server is unavailable Racenet. try again later. Tuesday and continues the problem ...
  4. from 12 hours ago you can not connect with Racenet ...
  5. Please. No rally cross, rally only. The FFB is very simple, you have to improve it. There is too much asphalt grid, the car has to slide more. This is not a circuit. Pay attention to the physical NGP, created by the Germans to RBR. http://www.ly-racing.de/viewtopic.php?t=7878 Please make a simulator with the physical NGP.
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