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  1. rwb

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    You paid for an Early Access game. This means you need to be patient as bugs are worked out and features are implemented. Until it's complete, you may well encounter issues that prevent you from playing; your recourse is to open a bug report and wait for a fix. Probably not necessary in this case since they're aware of the issue, and there are workarounds to gain some on-center feel. I haven't the faintest clue when this will be fixed. Once the game is "complete," and no longer in the Early Access phase, then we can all start complaining in earnest when stuff doesn't work.
  2. rwb

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    I just read the "Road Book" and noticed this, which seems promising, from P. Coleman: "One of the key areas we are focussing on at this early stage is how our Wheel Settings and Force Feedback are working in DiRT Rally. I’ll be honest, while we had poured a lot of effort into our new physics engine we hadn’t gotten round to unravelling our wheel settings and FFB and many of you have quite rightly noticed that the settings the game have shipped with are more suited to a console racer than a PC Sim. We want to get this right for you but to do it right we need to get under the hood and change the way that we do things. We’ve been reading your feedback, speaking the fans directly (big thanks to Betta Lines for his time) and we have a decent handle on how to improve things."
  3. rwb

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    Hadiii, I'm using a T500 and I just inserted your additional FFBSuspension lines, and I do feel an improvement. I also upped the FFBEffectSelfAligningTorque to 1.5 and it helped as well. I'm about to try it with the aligning torque at 1.75 and another lower level of FFBsuspension: <FFBSuspension device="wheel" scale="0.06" thresholdLow=".01" thresholdHigh=".07" freq="5" length="0.4" sample="suspensionWheel"/> RE-EDIT: The extra-detailed FFBSuspension might be excessive and there is a balance to be found. I'm Also not sure I like what the self aligning torque force is doing as I increase it, I'd sure like to be able to change the caster angle on these cars and see what's up...