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  1. maybe they did survey and only 5% people uses career mode with their own driver :-/ this is very bad decision, you're suppose to add to the game, not remove
  2. like nobody plays RBR or even consider it sim, because it didn't have laserscanned surface surface in rally changes as the car pass by, so trying to capture every small bumps, when in real life after few car pass by that surface is no longer the same, would be total waste of money/manpower imo
  3. I haven't spend all that much time in it yet, to give a more specific feedback, but I would like to say one thing Thank you Codemasters for listening to the community. For me Dirt Rally addresses many of my concerns about Dirt3 ( which I really liked overall) I think the approach from more realistic point of view is very smart and correct thing to do I wish your game lot of success !!! really like some very small details that you put into the game, like when you drive at night, your headlights cast light cone, that's interrupted by particles/fog..looks bloody amazing !!! Physics is a h
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