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  1. Just curious if the previous reports about the bridge FPS drop were enough to get a bug fix in the works? I saw the guy’s video about it where he shows there’s a frame drop at the bridge seam, but it’s actually much worse on an older machine than he mentions—going down to 20 or under for me and almost invariably causing me to wreck if I try and take the turn after at full speed. Thanks!
  2. I am for sure getting this same bug. Also seeing it reported on Reddit and in the Dirty Discord. I tried disabling ground cover but it didn't help. It drops frames so hard it's probably under 10 for a second or two and there is a tendancy to crash the car at the corner right after, you're so distracted. Oculus Rift S, 1080 Ti, 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (old 2012 Mac Pro), latest Windows 10 & Nvidia drivers. (BTW, I was racing a guy who was using a wide screen monitor and he wasn't seeing it at all, so it's not affecting everyone. I don't know if it's related to graphics card or VR or…)
  3. heavyboots

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    +1 for all of these, in particular! And a vote for Evos (or at least one) as soon as possible! Feels weird having a Subie in the 90's cars without its natural rival! Also: Moving head view option ala WRC 4, where the camera "looks" towards the apex on turns. This is one of the things they actually got right as it can be very helpful to see the inside of the corner you're trying to clip without needing a triple monitor setup or an Oculus Rift.Co-driver multiplayer! I realize this is pie in the sky, but as per this Reddit thread, it's an idea that seems to enthuse quite a few people. http://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/345h5n/idea_for_future_multiplayer_integration/Pace note editing — Regardless of whether you implement codriver multiplayer, the driver needs the ability to pause the game and edit a pace note that is consistently irritating to them, so it doesn't irritate them forever and ever.Stronger penalty for hitting spectators, ala RBR. Or at least make it an option. If you kill someone the race is basically over for you IMHO.As well as random obstacles, living obstacles like deer, kangaroos (if you do Australia), cows, etc would be awesome. Preferably with damage based on how hard you hit it (eg, bodywork if you just brush a deer, destroyed engine if you direct hit a cow).