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  1. CLUBS BETA BUG I've been unable to see results in DeltaRallyLeague on the website. Alright, this one's on me it turns out. The old club got carried forward from DR1. And then they created a new one, which for whatever reason wasn't on the first page (seems to be creation date sorted?) At any rate, upon clicking through to the Show All Clubs page the new club showed up and I realized what was going on. Apologies. I'm not that smart apparently. 🙄
  2. Monaco Hit Box issue, Col de Turini Depart: I posted this on Twitter, but here's a link to it. There's a video of two guard rails meeting up and where they meet, I suddenly get bounced across the track like I hit something even though I'm all the way over the white line from the guard rails. It probably 2/3rds or more down the stage towards the bottom, btw. Right before one of the one right corners https://twitter.com/zedzd3d/status/1130036389687336960
  3. True, just hoping for an app-level fix, not a fix that requires installing another app.
  4. EDIT: So I finally decided to write a post last night at 2am, woke up wrote the post and now I see that 1.4 dropped this morning! 🙄 These all apply to v1.3 not v1.4. I will try to verify when I get home from work which ones were addressed already… EDIT2: Verified the first 2, couldn't get in a multiplayer game with the right circumstances to verify the 3rd. Disabling CPU 0 halves map load times Basically, the question is "why, and can the game somehow be compiled or tweaked better to make a variation of this happen by default?" See this thread for the discussion surrounding it. Dashboard view is never remembered As of the latest (Sweden) patch, switching to Dashboard view doesn't stick… ever. Like if I hit pause and resume, it changes back to helmet view even. This is incredibly annoying! EDIT: In v1.4 it's much, much worse! Now it not only doesn't stick in certain places, like Career Mode, but when you switch it before the text prompt to hold your handbrake, it switches back when the handbrake prompt text come up. Multiplayer rankings Not 100% sure this is a bug or not but if a real player exits during a multiplayer event, the bot that takes his place will win the Event because it only counts their times without taking into account that they didn't compete in the all the stages of the Event. So they'll have a time of 7 minutes because they only did 2 stages and everyone else (real players and bots) will have times of 14 minutes because they ran 4 stages. But the bot with the 7 minutes will get first place in the event. EDIT: Verified this still exists. Guy joined for 3rd of 4 races and disconnected right at the start. A bot won the race even though the bots are set to super easy, just because the total time was based on him doing only ONE race, not 4 like the human competitors. Feature Request: Allow use of wiper/headlight controls before stage start We all know some stages work better with the headlights on than off even though the game starts with them off. Would be great if we could change our setups before launching the car onto the stage. Feature Request: Show me on the Friends leaderboard along with my friends post-race … because it's really irritating to have to jump back and forth if you forget the time you had vs the times of your friends to figure out where you placed. Also because there's a bug that causes the leaderboard not to center on your time but 20 or 30 people above it when you switch from Friends back to Global leaderboard.
  5. heavyboots

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    There’s some timing bug still with loading from the lobby. Like I can’t load Argentina, Monte Carlo, or New England when a multiplayer game starts. And I believe it’s down to playing on a computer from 2009. My 1080Ti is ok, the quad core 3ghz & the Samsung SSD are all fast but I think the elderly mobo bogs down loading enough that the game boots me and says to check my network connection. Which is BS because I can always get on the game if they load a different country. ALSO weirdly enough if they play a second stage in that same country, I can always join them for that stage. At any rate there’s for sure some sort of timing bug floating around where RaceNet decides I’m not joining when I am still loading the stage or something. EDIT: To be even more specific, it seems to be certain stages in the country. I was just able to play a short one in Monte, but when it moved onto the next stage I was dropped with no net connection (and it was the same stage both times tonight that I got rejected for).
  6. heavyboots

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Can definitely confirm bad things are happening with pacenote calls still. I had not traced it to Public Lobby calls, but now that he mentions it, I am realizing that's where it happened for me too. Kudos to eScourge for the excellent bug report, btw. ALSO, when are we getting the weird pacenote calls in the left channel instead of the center channel patched? It's not as bad as missing calls but it's still weird and distracting to have him shouting at me from the left side of the room suddenly.
  7. Subject line says it all. I never used to have any issues in DR2 v1.1 with pace notes but now that they've been "fixed" in v1.20, they turn up missing quite frequently. Not always the same ones either. Seems to depend on the car. For example, driving the Rally-GT Porsche in Spain, there is a CRUCIAL 1 right that simply wasn't called, right before the left bend that leads into the super acute hairpin from DR4 (where two roads meet at about a 15 degree angle). Phil missed multiple other calls on the stage, but they weren't ones that nearly killed me. I know there's at least one 3 left in New England in the R5 Fiesta that he definitely didn't used to miss that he does now too. This occurred in a multiplayer game. I know that earlier in the evening, that call was there when driving a Group B 205. Also, I am unable to remain in-game for multiplayer if it starts in New England (I'm not sure if this is the case for all stages, but it appears to be). My computer finishes loading, displays all the players ready except the host, then says the session was terminated or something like that. Meanwhile everyone else moves on to car setup. I can join the *second* stage, if there is one, but never the first stage. This is all on a 2.9ghz quad Xeon, 12gb RAM, Nvidia 1080 Ti, 500gb SSD, Windows 10 (fully patched). I have verified my game files and they seem fine according to Steam. Thanks in advance for any help...
  8. Hi, this basically applies to the "patched" notes from Phil, where it's obvious a different note was pasted in at a later date. Basically, whenever this happens, the note is spoken from the front LEFT channel instead of the front CENTER channel. Really, really distracting the first few times it happens!
  9. Chrome and Safari are ok with the website, but FF reports: So this is me, report there's and issue, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. heavyboots

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    +1 for all of these, in particular! And a vote for Evos (or at least one) as soon as possible! Feels weird having a Subie in the 90's cars without its natural rival! Also: Moving head view option ala WRC 4, where the camera "looks" towards the apex on turns. This is one of the things they actually got right as it can be very helpful to see the inside of the corner you're trying to clip without needing a triple monitor setup or an Oculus Rift.Co-driver multiplayer! I realize this is pie in the sky, but as per this Reddit thread, it's an idea that seems to enthuse quite a few people. http://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/345h5n/idea_for_future_multiplayer_integration/Pace note editing — Regardless of whether you implement codriver multiplayer, the driver needs the ability to pause the game and edit a pace note that is consistently irritating to them, so it doesn't irritate them forever and ever.Stronger penalty for hitting spectators, ala RBR. Or at least make it an option. If you kill someone the race is basically over for you IMHO.As well as random obstacles, living obstacles like deer, kangaroos (if you do Australia), cows, etc would be awesome. Preferably with damage based on how hard you hit it (eg, bodywork if you just brush a deer, destroyed engine if you direct hit a cow).