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  1. After a few runs DR2.0 feels more natural to me, loved DR but can't see me running it again now.
  2. After years of neglect AI is starting to get some proper attention and matters to games trying to be more realistic. Hopefully using AI as mobile chicanes for a gameplay style of bashing to the front from the back in two laps will become a thing of the past and games will be judged on how human like the AI is - after all that is what the science of artificial intelligence is all about! Far from perfect maybe, the AI in PC2 was shaping up well in the WMD testing prior to the release version tomorrow.
  3. I reckon a very drunk Ian Bell would start to sound like Donald Trump (who apparently is always sober!) :)
  4. Same here. Hoped I would be able to use the axis detection but to no avail. A user defined controller setup using any axis or buttons detected by Windows seems a straightforward enough solution to cover all bases but seems to elude too many devs it  seems. Also refunded before I triggered the 2 hours of fiddling point!
  5. The VR update will arrive on Steam the same time as the version available on the Oculus Store: DiRT Rally VR will release with the Oculus Store on 11th July, while existing PC players will receive an update on the same day too. Source: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/07/dirt-rally-oculus-rift-support/
  6. I agree but first the priority has to be for multiplayer game and there doesn't seem to be the market in online racing & rallying sims to support this other than through charging a premium subscription like iRacing to make it viable. It does seem odd, a decade or so ago it seemed that all games would be predominately multiplayer but it just hasn't happened with this genre.
  7. You have a lot of people who could drive a real world rally car on a rally experience, they are for sale in supermarkets and chemists! They could keep it on track because they know how to drive a car though compared to the instructor they would be dead slow. The instructor would be relatively slow compared to the world's best WRC drivers. If a couple of mates go on a rally experience they just compare each other's times, they don't care about world records because they aren't WRC drivers. In a perfect simulation the novice rally driver would have the same experience.
  8. The thing with F1GP was that it had a much wider range of difficulty than most race/rally sims to day. We seem desperate to categorise games into slots these days - not as developers but as a community, most especially in terms of more hardcore titles. When I started F1GP as a newbie I used a joystick, auto gears, spin assists and raced against dead easy AI. When I finished with it I was racing at the highest level with a steering wheel and pedals (Thrustmaster T2) racing a championship with full length GPs. The game was highly accessible yet had the capability to be a true sim. Now we want
  9. For me the volume of content as a measurement of whether a simulator is good is completely irrelevant. I would rather have a single car and track that feels more like driving a real car than some lesser game with a zillion cars and tracks and meaningless upgrades that don't hold a candle to the better simulator. Quality rathe than quality is what distinguishes a true simulator from a game IMHO.
  10. It is because of the hierarchy of models, they have to fit in a pecking order so a Polo R would have to fit in between a Polo GTI and a Golf GTI and there isn't much room to make it viable. Plus a Polo R couldn't outperform a Golf R as the Golf will be a more profitable car to sell as a flagship hot hatch. The same with the Fiesta and clearly Hyundai want the i30 N to compete with the Golf R and Focus RS as that is where there is more money to be made. I'd love to see a wild Polo R that is the quickest VW to match the WRC car but unfortunately rally fans aren't the target market, just using
  11. Or Hyundai an i20... The shame is that in modern times rally cars seem out of sync with road cars, you can get a luke warm Polo or Fiesta whilst the manufacturer money is in the hot versions of the bigger Golf R & Focus RS. Hyundai will bring out a performance i30 N. Citroen just don't seem to bother. The benefit of rally success seems to be at a badge level rather than relating to cars you can buy in the showroom. A Yaris seems inconceivable as a sporty car but I guess the same could be said the standard Chevettes, Escorts & Sunbeams of yesteryear whilst the sports versions were rev
  12. Peugeot belongs to the same concern as Citroen, so I think they will stay put in WRC2 - on the other hand they competed against each other in WRC in the early 2000s. Kind of strange decision, management wise. I would love to see some italian manufacturer back in the fold. Lancia doesn't seem to have a suitable car (do they sell any, by the way?), but Fiat would be a nice addition. The Ypsilon is the only recent Lancia that comes to mind.  If they squashed it down and made it a bit wider then it could be converted into a WRC car, but it's a massive stretch, and very unlikely. 
  13. Found some regs that apply - called Rally 2. This is a set of regulations that allow a driver who retires from an event to re-enter the next day at the cost of a five-minute time penalty. They can still be classified and potentially earn WRC points. That's old stuff mate. 2015 season introduced a penalty of seven minutes added to the best time driven in the relevant category or ten minutes if it is the last stage of the day. Thanks, I am just getting back into rallying since the eighties. BTW where are the Lancias? ;)
  14. Thanks Kev. It seems Rally 2 is the new name for Super Rally. Learn stuff everyday!
  15. Found some regs that apply - called Rally 2. This is a set of regulations that allow a driver who retires from an event to re-enter the next day at the cost of a five-minute time penalty. They can still be classified and potentially earn WRC points.
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