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  1. 75Vette

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Just give us VR, I can overlook some of the other rough edges if I can be IN the car.
  2. 75Vette

    1.09 is out [PC]

    From Steam: Hello drivers! Patch 1.09 is out now on PC. Check out the notes for this patch right here: The Multiplayer car is now available to use in split-screen and Time Trial. Option added so players can engage ERS by holding the button. Fixed a soft lock for some users where a contract negotiation would not occur correctly. A performance issue while the Safety Car is on the track has been addressed. Sponsors now correctly appear on the player's car during Weekly Events. Customisation sliders now show values to allow easier editing. Badge emblems can now be resized. Time Trial now has an option to view a replay of the fastest lap in the session. In Split Screen AI opponent numbers can now be customised. Players are no longer briefly displayed in the wrong position at the end of a qualifying or race session. Pit stop information has been added to the Race Director. The Multi-Function Display (MFD) can now be enabled in Cockpit view. LAN names will now be correctly used during LAN game sessions. Sports update changes: McLaren Gulf and various sponsors added #WeRaceAsOne rainbow livery added Racing Point Additional sponsors and logo placements Replaced Racing Point nose logo with We Race As One version Alfa Romeo Added 50 Years Sauber branding Added sponsors, Twitter handle and #WeRaceAsOne to halo Red Bull #WeRaceAsOne branding added to front wing Updated Citrix logo next to driver's head and nose stack Renault Added #WeRaceAsOne to halo arms and nose HP, Vitality and other sponsors added “Thank You NHS” logo added to the top of the halo Williams Updated nose sponsor stack Updated shark fin
  3. 75Vette

    Share your Custom Livery Mods

    Thanks mate, custom helmet is next... just needed a break from design lately to do some driving! I'll upload the whole lot at RaceDepartment when I'm happy it's 'done'. 🙂 https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2020-idiots-guide-to-modding-for-my-team.188676/ https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2020-cars-3d-model-for-photoshop.188862/ https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/f1-2020-modding-questions-thread.186992/
  4. 75Vette

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    This is comment of the year. Working through My Team I spend a lot of time in practice and now you mention it I'm not sure you ever see crashes or mistakes. Yellow flags in quali would definitely mix things up, should be in there.
  5. 75Vette

    Share your Custom Livery Mods

  6. 75Vette


    Presenting Team RAMROD
  7. 75Vette

    About tyre pressures

    I've noticed quite a few setups I've downloaded have tyre pressures at minimum - which makes sense for time trial where you don't care about wear, but I've also used these in races to good effect. Based on what @marioho mentioned about real F1 teams also wanting to start at minimum tyre pressure, what possible reason could we have for wanting to do anything else? Is asymmetric pressure useful for heavily banked tracks (like ZandVoort)?
  8. 75Vette

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I see that 3/4 empty bottle of Australian Shiraz on the table at 10:00am Valtteri, you ain't fooling us with your staged photos 🙂
  9. 75Vette

    Formation lap on or off?

    Yeah, that's a disaster waiting to happen! What tyres are those? Unless they are hards I would think those temps are at least 4-6 degrees less than optimal.
  10. 75Vette

    F1 2020 do you use an fps cap or not?

    @PJTierney @auzzyboy After much testing I’ve landed on a configuration that is providing me very smooth low latency frame delivery, but importantly has consistent frame pacing. In a nutshell it’s using the scan line option in Riva Tuner, which is superior to vsync (even fast sync) or simply using a frame cap but is a little more work to dial in (worth it). I’ll post a full how-to when I get home tonight, but for those of us without freesync/gsync monitors/TVs who don’t want the extra lag of V-sync, don’t want frame pacing issues and don’t want screen tearing this is an excellent option.
  11. Hey more power to you, people just have to do what is fun for them. I use no assists, sim damage, strict rules/corner cutting, flashbacks only for stupid AI, T-Cam (because no VR means cockpit view is way harder than real life), 100% distance <-- cos that is the real immersion for me, 90+ minutes of white knuckle concentration! I think flashbacks are fine so long as you have the self-discipline to not use them to correct for your own faults. I've been racing F1 sims since 1999, the VAST majority of which had absolutely no recourse for mistakes made. The solution people used back for game induced errors was to limit or turn off damage, but that has never sat well with me - open wheelers are by definition very fragile, and that should be part of the experience. By having flashbacks that allow you to correct race ending incidents that aren't your fault, and are arguably due to dumb AI, you can be much more comfortable I respect that, as above each to their own. In my case my time is limited but when I race I love racing 100% races, so to have that amount of time investment blown by AI being dumb really sucks the fun out of it for me. I'll happily take being whipped lap after lap by the AI (like I was in Bahrain), but not shunted on both sides into turn 1, not back markers that swerve into you, not AI that spins you, not AI that brake checks like Verstappen's grandmother. Those things I can live without. If CM can make AI so good that their errors feel completely authentic and every error I make I feel is on me... then I'll turn of flashbacks.
  12. 75Vette

    The state of multiplayer

    That one seems like a game breaker. Would you recommend no one setting a time after the timer expires, even if they are on a hotlap?
  13. Yeah, cos the AI never takes you out lol. I know you have to tow the party line, but come on. Same as above, has the AI never done something so mind-bendingly unpredictable that you know it's a "game programming" thing and not a "random bad luck" thing? I've had two just today. 1) Qualifying in Belgium I caught an AI driver on an in lap and they moved off the racing line to let me past, then, as I was about to pass at high speed, they decided to swerve half a car width over and completely destroyed both of us. 2) Racing in Shanghai, I ran slightly wide getting onto the back straight and Ocon - who was not racing me for position - decided to stuff it up the inside and completely run me off the track, taking both our front wing end plates off, and would have ruined my race. On replay it was obviously super clumsy and pretty unrealistic. I would accept it if similar collisions happened between AI drivers, but they never do. In summary, I primarily use Flashbacks to account for AI stupidity.
  14. 75Vette

    The state of multiplayer

    Is most of this only affecting spectators?
  15. 75Vette

    The state of multiplayer

    @Bicarda That's all a bit disturbing. 😥 I'm about to participate in this league, haven't competed in an F1 league for a few years, when running it was both easier in some respects and way more difficult in others. If you had some tips for our host @TMACTM what would they be?