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  1. So then W T F was the 10Gb that came down with the 1.30 patch a few days ago?
  2. I tried to replicate this with my install on both Spain (daytime dry conditions like the video above) and also in Australia and could not, at all. Maybe you want to rule out your own hardware being the problem first? Have you see anyone else with this issue? (I haven't).
  3. So we got 1.3 a few days ago and that was a 10Gb update. It contained Sweden, which we know because people were able to play it in career thanks to a bug. Right now Steam is downloading another 4.5Gb... what is this????
  4. JesseDeya


    Is this modifiable? Might have to ask the Race Department folk. Dirt Rally one had accessible parameters and graphic files for rain, but I think in DR 2.0 it's wrapped in a nef. Hopefully someone smarter than me can tweak it - not sure CMs ever will.
  5. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    I only mentioned you because previously you (and RallyStu2) seemed to have a consistent problem with me (not this thread), I don't think that is the case anymore - there are now literally only three people who constantly troll my comments... and @Murikka who doesn't even have the gall to actually comment but just 👎 from the sideline, including - inexplicably - the summary of results I post just above. Yes, I should have included that. I honestly think that is a bigger problem with the game engine / physics model though, not sure we will ever get resolution on that. Hope I'm wrong. Unless the lighting is baked-in for each time of day, which might mean a sizable increase to each map for each new TOD option? I still think it's worth it!
  6. That is a fair point. However, is it not appropriate that they go first? Back when DR 1 was in EA and the devs were making video dev diaries, livestreams and generally getting involved you wouldn't have caught me whispering a single bad word about them - despite the jankyness in DR1 at EA launch. What I can't stand is this retreat to corporate animosity, with extremely selective community engagement - as and when it suits them. That is only made worse when those small pieces of engagement seems forced, trite or condescending.
  7. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Back on topic - ignore the trolls people. After 24HRs these are some of the intial results: Essential Tier 1 11.49% - Tyre wear adjustment 10.34% - Force Feedback WIP 10.34% - Lighting re-balance 10.34% - AI re-balance Essential Tier 2 9.20% - Racenet offline options 8.05% - Force Feedback FINAL 8.05% - Increased TOD options 6.90% - HDR fixed on console, added to PC. Desirable Tier 1 10.80% - Increase TOD options 10.23% - Tyre wear adjustment 10.23% - Fully customisable career mode Desirable Tier 2 9.09% - Force Feedback FINAL 7.95% - Running order re-balance/customisation 7.39% - HDR fixed on console, added to PC. 6.25% - AI Re-balance Nicety Tier 1 16.43% - Photo mode 15.71% - Save replays Nicety Tier 2 8.57% - Graphic toggle on console 7.86% - Lighting re-balance 6.43% - Running order re-balance/customisation 5.71% - Increased TOD options 5.71% - Analogue handbrake
  8. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    There are three people who seem to have a consistent personal problem with me, @bn880, @afahoy and @Mike Dee. For a while @Rallystu2 and @ianism were piling on, but we seem to have sorted our differences. For some reason, you and your two buddies just can't accept that I might have coherent, compelling and well argued positions that actually help get results. People aren't hostile to me, just you lot. You're the common factor. You and your cohort have been here for literally months, I've been on CM forums for years - almost a decade. Take it from me, what is actually useful is when people rally together and lobby CMs to do their job. What is useless are posts like yours, sticking your two cents in to lecture me about "being nice". My default position is "being nice", if you extract anything else that's on you.
  9. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    You know every time you flap your gums here you bump this thread and the poll get's more inputs? They only thing it seems you want, mate, is an argument. The problem is you're not very good at it. I generally only post when I have something useful to say, which is why I have more positive votes than I do actual posts. You're running at about -100... maybe you should take a second to think about that.
  10. Then the guy needs to adjust his attitude. In my line of work I'm also the equivalent of 'the developer', I'm not in marketing, recruiting, PR, issue management, HR or reception. I still know how to be courteous, respectful and helpful to people - especially those that pay the bills. They don't come on the board of their own volition, these boards are at least one of the public facing interfaces between their employer and their employer's customers - when they represent here they represent Codemasters. WE don't have to be grateful, THEY have a responsibility to us - NOT the other way around. It would also be useful if the community manager was active in like, you know, the community.
  11. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    Ohhhhhh, the game is perfect I see. This poll is not for you. Please move on. You make me giggle, you really do. This poll is not for you. Please move on.
  12. I'm going to go against the mob mentality and say I have to agree with you in some respects. Whilst the game isn't right and still has a way to go, some of the things people are saying here have been worse than what you see on Fifa forums which are full of 12 year olds That's all fine and beaut, except the line of conversation @Jake Cushing weighed in on was neither about entitled priveledge, nor was it a 12 year old fifa forum. The full trails is below, with time stamps.... A reasonable question about a reasonable feature (that existed in the previous title). This is a pretty highly requested feature to that point Codemasters have said nothing about it. This was the somewhat terse response by one of the developers. Provides no information, no empathy for their customers who would like that feature, and no path forward. My cheeky reply. An answer with some substance, which is nice, but still doesn't explain why a system that was completely overhauled now lacks functionality of the version it replaced. Again, no empathy for customers who miss and would like that functionality returned. My courteous but unapologetic follow-up to developer @CMMcBabe's superficial response. And back to the quote at hand... to which I can only roll my eyes. How is not the job of Codemasters to talk to Codemasters customers about a Codemasters game on a Codemasters Community forum hosted on a Codemasters website? Am I taking crazy pills?
  13. I'm on PC so this doesn't affect me per se, but my understanding is that most console users want the ability to REDUCE FoV, to correct for cockpit view when close to the TV. Given that can only improve performance is it not possible to implement sooner rather than later?
  14. JesseDeya

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    What? The entire premise of the poll is that all the things are repeated in three categories: Essential Desirable Nicety If you don't think something is Essential, mark it off in one of the other two categories.
  15. W T F am I even reading? I have no words.