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  1. JesseDeya

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    Absolute 100% complete fabrication. Per usual. I'm not sure what alternate reality you were living in, but there was absolutely NO indication CMs were going to release the VR component broken on Steam. There was NO indication that Oculus support would be limited to the Oculus store. There was NO indication that they would eventually support the Steam version with the Oculus SDK. The best we got, after weeks, was 'looking in to it'. In fact, their initial solution was to issue a performance guide basically telling people to disable AA and turn the graphics down. VR was not a launch issue, the decision to include VR was made by at least mid February, and third party had six months to add VR as a feature. The decision to use OpenVR and not include the Oculus SDK for the Steam version would have absolutely been deliberate, that isn't something you just overlook. It was, imho, a calculated one designed to drive Oculus owners to purchase (or repurchase) the game from the Oculus store, while minimising development and testing cost by limiting the scope of the Steam version. What I don't think CMs allowed for was the (justified) negative response from all the Rift owners who had purchased the game on Steam and had been waiting patiently for six months for VR. I also don't think they calculated how poor the Oculus store sales would be, it certainly can't have made up for the lost sales on Steam as a result of the review bombing. Ultimately, I'm convinced they only relented and added Oculus support to the Steam version after they had milked as much as they could from potential Oculus owners while weathering the discontent from their Steam customers - that period turned out to be six weeks. That's not even to mention this whole farce with holding back DLC for the Oculus version - it very clearly works and is ready, but all people get is "we have no further updates to make at this time". Brilliant. The extra special arrogant touch here was calling it "Game of the Year Edition". More like "Game that Took All Year to be an Edition".
  2. Nice comparison. How did you capture video with the in headset (performance) overlay?
  3. JesseDeya

    Great update👍

    I too will admit that I thought (even stated) they would walk away from supporting this title without getting it to the state it is now, so I'm pleasantly surprised that despite it taking 7 months they seem to have finally arrived. I guess the Dirt Rally brand was worth saving after all... and I'm sure the critical success of WRC 8 might have forced them off their laurels. Either way, I'm looking forward to sinking some serious time in VR going forward.
  4. JesseDeya

    Steam VR version 1.9 Oculus SDK

    It took seven months and some of the most questionable decision making, absent communication strategies and shady pricing models CMs have ever undertaken... but they finally got there, this is now a complete game and well worth investing time into even for the most discerning VR rally fan. Too bad it has left such an indelible mark on their reputation along the way. If WRC 9 has VR I fear the rush to abandon the Dirt ship might actually sink it.
  5. JesseDeya

    Oculus version 1.9 ???

    It now has performance parity with the version sold on Steam for (at times) half as much, but without the burden of DLC, 2D options or other people to compete against.
  6. JesseDeya

    Dirt rally 2.0 dx12

    Watch the video mate. I have no more words left for you.
  7. JesseDeya

    Dirt rally 2.0 dx12

    😏 That's why you look at the overall performance. You couldn't even look at the stats? This is in 4k, so heavily GPU limited... Dry: DX 11: Min 81, Avg 104, Max 123 Dx 12: Min 92, Avg 107, Max 121 Wet: DX 11: Min 80, Avg 102, Max 118 Dx 12: Min 96, Avg 107, Max 120 You don't think a minimum frame rate improvement of 14% - 20% is worth pursuing?
  8. JesseDeya

    Dirt rally 2.0 dx12

    They have had it running in F1 since at least 2018, it's not unreasonable to ask in a calm and polite manner as the OP did. This comparison shows a decent improvement to minimum frame-rate in DX12. What is unreasonable are condescending drive-by troll posts that add nothing to the conversation.
  9. JesseDeya

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    It would be appreciated @PJTierney @Faya if Codemasters could comment on why this has occurred, why CMs think it is acceptable, and what might be done to correct it. High reward events have never been advertised as time limited. Even assuming high reward events were (retrospectively) associated with Seasons, those seasons have never had start and end dates communicated (until just recently), and only after Season's 1 & 2 had supposedly finished. The Deluxe Edition is still being sold advertising High Reward Events. Still. Right now.
  10. Thanks Faya. Will do. I must admit I saw the underline but didn't connect with it being a malicious link - kind of obvious now you point it out. Cheers.
  11. *It would be irresponsible for Codemasters to allow that kind of frivolous waste, even in a virtual environment. Do you think Formula 1 restricted engine and gearbox changes to make it more exciting for fans? Do you think they introduced ERS because people asked for it? No, F1 and the FIA care deeply about our environment, and you should too. I for one applaud Codemasters for taking a digital stance. This arbitrary software restriction in a low selling computer game may have an untold impact on our children's attitude to mother Earth, and our children's children, and our children's children's children.... so once again - BRAVO CODEMASTERS! WE SALUTE YOU. *sarcasm follows
  12. ^^^^ Original Post ^^^^ Forum moderator I said in my last post, it was discussed in great detail before work began on DR1 and during the Early Access phase of it's release on the old forums. Unfortunately we can't give you links to those conversations as the old forums no longer exist. ^^^^ Random dude My bolding. WT actual F is happening here? Also, on an adjacent note - yes, the old Codemasters forums were unceremoniously erased without warning or any care to preserve ongoing conversation. The primary reason, imho, was because there was a LOT of vitriolic customers (mostly F1 - myself included) who had built a pretty comprehensive list of complaints against CM regarding promises broken. Fast forward 5 years, yeah not much has changed.
  13. JesseDeya

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Yup, ok. 🤣
  14. What utter nonsense. It's far more work to increase polys, textures, meshes than it is to remove or reduce them. To upgrade Dirt Rally 1 tracks they would have had to have every surface checked for compatibility with the newer physics based interaction, and multiple road degradation levels defined for every km. If the core world map format is the same (or similar), and this is what the OP is speculating, then it should indeed be about the same effort (or less) to transfer new locations to Dirt Rally 1.0. It's not at all like trying to extract eggs and flour from a cake, you literally couldn't have picked a less useful analogy. Don't get me wrong - I don't think it will happen - but it's not the craziest idea around here. At the very least the DR1 install base is significantly larger, perhaps when the DR2 cow is out of milk they might be able to squeeze a few more drops from DR1 DLC. Never say never!