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  1. JesseDeya

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Mmmm, fresh and clean. I reckon this guy is the one who magically cleans our cars between rally stages (but can't change a damn headlight bulb lol!!!!)
  2. JesseDeya

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    Interesting observation about the jump effects being affected toned down so much by lower the suspension slider. Personally I like feeling the road so I have suspension much higher than you, so that makes sense. I think you're right, road noise needs to be turned down slightly in some countries (maybe just Australia?) and balanced between countries so that feel of launching and landing jumps is consistent regardless of road surface (which it would be, right?). Can I ask why you have FEI at 030? I've always left it at the default 050 and haven't found it notchy or too intense (despite being on a solid rig). I wonder if that might be a good way to dial back the Australian bumps without losing the overall effects... some experimentation required!
  3. JesseDeya

    Thrustmaster tss handbrake

    Yeah, it's actually analogue in game, but the range of travel from off to fully on is only about 5%, so it makes an analogue handbrake kinda useless.
  4. JesseDeya

    Thrustmaster tss handbrake

    Yeah the handbrake is digital - on/off only. Many people have complained about it (there are a half-dozen threads asking foir the same thing), doesn't seem like anything is going to be done to fix it - if it were simple they would surely have corrected it by now. Codemaster's haven't acknowledged it as a problem or indicated it is on a 'to-do' list. This is the only reference I've seen from the devs about the input system, which doesn't leave a lot of hope for future improvement... but then again FFB did get a patch so you never know. Not exactly a satisfying answer, but there you go.
  5. JesseDeya

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Yeah the TX Leather is probably the best option in this case. The T3PA is effectively the same as the T3PA-Pro but without the more rugged metal chassis - so a good entry level pedal set. The TS-XW is a different base, the same as the TS-PC base. It's a 40 Watt brushless motor, apparently 1.6x more torque than the T or TX bases. But for that money (699,99 €) I would go Fanatec (personal opinion).
  6. JesseDeya

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @Freddygore I know price may be an issue, but I would avoid both if you can. I have owned dozens of wheels over the past 18 years so I'll try and give you some advice. Relevant to this conversation I have had a T500RS with T3PA, T300 with base pedals, Fanatec CSL Elite with CSL Pedals, and limited run ProSimTech PT1 pedals. I found very good FFB in the T500, but when I got a PS4 I wanted native support (for GTS) so I bought a T300 but kept the T500 for the T3PA pedals. The T300 is a good wheel, but overall I think the T500 was a better wheel base. The stock pedals that come with the T300 are average at best (same ones that come with the TX racing ferrari 458) so consider that as part of the purchasing decision. Additionally, if you get the base pedals, you can't just upgrade them (see Fanatec discussion below) you have to replace them entirely. The TX Racing Ferrari 458 is basically the same base as the T300, for reference. The TMX wheel based is a substantial step down on everything mentioned above. Not only does it not have a removable wheel, but it's based on the T150, which has a brushed belt/gear driven motor, vs the T300 (TX) brushless belt motor. If you had to chose between those two I would pick the TX Ferrari even though the pedals are worse, because the base motor is much better, the wheel rim is interchangeable, and you can always get T3PA pedals later when you can afford them. Now, having said all that, I would suggest doing something else entirely - consider Fanatec. I've gone from Logitech to Thrustmaster to Fanatec... and the latest jump has been remarkable. The quality is a league above in every regard, hardware, firmware and software (ffb). With the right base you can have PC/PS4/Xbox compatibility, you have an awesome range of wheel rims to chose from, and the pedal system if you go CSL can be upgraded later simply by getting a load cell brake addon (the existing brake becomes the clutch). Yes, it's a lot more to get into this ecosystem - but I honestly think it is worth it now that they have great console support. Although I mainly play on PC these days, it's nice to know I can still use my wheel base for GTS or Forza just by swapping wheel rims. Alors, c'est vrai que cette suggestion est plus cher, et que mon francais n'est pas trop bien, mais j'espere que c'est une idee de quelque ultilitaire pour vous quand meme.
  7. JesseDeya

    We ask please hotfix the audio-cutting

    Got this bug for the first time today. You always think it will happen to someone else, and then it hits you. 3rd stage of an Argentina rally championship. At first I had denial, then anger, then remorse, then I paused the game, got a beer, turned the co-driver hud options back on and finished the stage - badly (cooking my clutch and gear box along the way). This is very clearly a game engine issue - the fact that it just occurred after tens of dozens of hours is bizarre, but there it is. I hope it's a one off, but who knows. Just adding my voice to the chorus of people asking this to be fixed, properly this time.
  8. JesseDeya

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    I mostly agree, but here are my thoughts (personal opinion) on the above: 1) Wheel traction: Understeer isn't represented particularly well, the wheel doesn't become slightly loose which is what other sims typically do to indicate the lose of friction. Rear wheels losing grip laterally is well represented through SAT (Self-aligning Torque), and given they aren't attached to the steering column that makes sense. Although it isn't perfect, and occasionally I understeer off the road without feeling a thing, but it's much improved now compared to before. 2) Not sure I agree entirely with this one. I can confirm that if you land off center, or with the front wheels not aligned to your direction of travel is does now provide forces as you would expect. Landing cocked off in Australia can rip the wheel from your hands if you're not holding on (and you have the forces at default 100% settings). 3) I haven't noticed monotony (too busy avoiding trees!) and it definitely varies depending on road surface and condition - but it's almost certainly 'fake' (I mean technically all simulated FFB is fake). Probably because the road surface conditions and degradation aren't physically modeled as objects with collision parameters, it seems like it's just different texture with friction variables. From an immersion perspective though it's 1000x better than before, but I completely agree that it is inconsistent between countries. I need to turn suspension down slightly in Australia where the bumps want to rip your arms off, but up in places like New England where it feels overly subdued. I've never driven in the Forest of New England but I have driven through a lot of Australia's rally territory (in both WA and NSW), and they certainly look comparable with respect to overall roughness. I think we have more severe ruts due to washout here, and the roads can have some pretty wacky cambers and edges, but the actual surface isn't that much rough than New England looks to be.
  9. JesseDeya

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    Now I think about it, I may be offering a red herring here. The original Dirt Rally sold on Steam does have that openvr_api, but is technically sold as an Oculus only title. It works fine with revive, as I understand it, but the inclusion of that api probably doesn't indicate support for other headsets as I first thought. Sorry. I'd still be keen to know if the Oculus Store version of Dirt Rally has that library.
  10. JesseDeya

    PC stage loading times reduction?

    Guys, I've been using Process Lasso (free version) for several weeks for this task with great success. The image below is how I have it setup - regardless of core count you want to disable core 0. I also found ticking "More strictly enforce default affinities" was necessary to make sure it worked every time. (I have a Core i7 6700K overclocked to 4.6) Process Lasso is completely free for this purpose, and provides other nice advantages to prevent your system from being hijacked by frozen processes. If you just want to use if for affinity application you can turn off all the other functions. In terms of load performance, yeah it makes a massive difference! I have DR2 installed on a PCIe NVMe drive (Samsung 950Pro 512Gb) which should make the game load crazy fast, but I was still getting load times between 55 to 85 seconds without the tweak! With the tweak my average load time is 18-20 seconds per stage.
  11. JesseDeya

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    I posted this on Reddit a bit over two weeks ago when the 1.4 patch dropped. I think it may be an indication that support isn't going to be limited to the Oculus store - or perhaps that more than Oculus headsets are going to be supported. Official CM comment would be nice - they must know by now. ----- Have Codemasters just confirmed VR for ALL headsets??? In the patch that just dropped there is a new file in the root directory... openvr_api.dll Digitally signed by Valve. Dirt Rally 1.0 used the same openvr_api.dll (though version signed 2015, this one is version signed 2017). If someone has Dirt Rally 1.0 bought from the Oculus Store I would love to know if it also has openvr_api.dll in the root folder!
  12. JesseDeya

    Tired of grinding

    OP is right, there should be a way to fast unlock upgrades if you have the credits. In fact, the whole credit system for repairs is a bit of a drag - it's not like actual drivers have to worry about their team budget. Either flesh out the team management options to make this more meaningful, or remove credits from the areas where it just becomes another button click with no actual meaning. WRT "My Team" it seems most people still want a fully customisable championship/career mode. I hope more options are coming in future patches. Per this poll, now that FFB and tyre wear have been "addressed" (still WIP) the two most popular options for future patches (beyond 1.4) remaining were "Increased time-of-day options (several more per 24hrs)." and "Fully customisable events in Career mode (DR1 Custom Championship)". That's not to say they shouldn't first fix the AI times and lighting issues, which annoy even more people.
  13. JesseDeya

    Have you ever seen this random event before?

    I was certain this thread was going to be about something else...
  14. JesseDeya

    Recent uptade

    Go easy, it’s pretty obvious s/he isn’t a native English speaker. S/He got his point across, better that some of the actual English speakers here, so that’s all that really matters. 🙊
  15. Does HC on yield extra credits?