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  1. JesseDeya

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    Probably about the same time we (Steam users) get the same VR performance as the Oculus Version, I'd be thinking in months, not days or weeks.
  2. JesseDeya

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    Quite a lot. If your theory is correct, people should be flocking to the current game because it's cheaper than ever (adjusted for inflation) and includes more (1-2) rally locations. The reality, as emphasised by the infographic, is that this CMR is the least popular of all (based on the sales data we can glean so far). I don't think price is the only factor that turned people off, CMs have had dozens of other missteps this release, but the way they are handling the seasons is particularly grating. It doesn't matter and people don't care that it's technically cheaper by late 90s/early 20s standards (adjusted for inflation), it only matters that it's still deemed "expensive" by today's standards. Customer perception is retailer reality. To buy a computer in 1985 with around half the computing power of my iPhone XS would cost - inflation adjusted for today - about $76,303,643.12 USD. That doesn't mean I look at the $999 USD figure of the iPhone XS and consider it cheap. I wasn't complaining about that, I too like long stages. When I was talking about 1.2km tracks I specifically mentioned Rally X circuits, which I have no interest in.
  3. JesseDeya

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    I play and enjoy the Forza Horizons, but to be honest Forza Motorsports feel off compared to GT. You can say GTs are disappointing all you want, but the punters disagree. FMS 7 (Xbox AND PC) is sitting at about 1.5 - 2 million sold, GT Sport (PS4 only) is in excess of 8 million. This is actually the issue I had with DR2 in the beginning, not the amount of content, or the graphics or the sound... it felt wrong (FFB wise) and wasn't enjoyable to play (it's MUCH better now). I feel that way about the handling of FMS most of the time. BTW: GTs launched in 2010, 2013 and 2017. Your six year "burn" is soooo console warrior circa 2009, and ironically was about GT5 which went on to become the most loved GT in a long time and sold 12 million copies. Seeing as this thread is about cost of ownership: GT Sport $60. Launched with 162 cars, added 130+ cars and counting - free. Launch with 17 locations and now 28 locations through free DLC. FM7 $60 + $30 car pass (9 packs and counting). Launched with 700+cars, added 63 through paid DLC. Launched with 32 locations - no new additions. DR2.0 $60 + $30 + $30 for seasons 1-4. Launched with 51 cars, added 28 through paid DLC. Launched with 6 Rally + 8 RX locations, now 12 Rally + 11 RX through paid DLC. Not sure CMs had the goodwill to try and milk the bank that much - seems to be backfiring from a PR perspective.
  4. JesseDeya

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    lol comparing this to Gran Turismo is the real apples to oranges here. it's Gran Turismo. I didn't start the car count analogy, you did. I'm just saying it's ridiculous to look at an era and try and equate an 'acceptable' number of cars. PCars 2 launched with 187 cars two years ago - they aren't the size of Polyphony, in fact I suspect they are smaller than CMs. Also I fully deserve to be 'payed' out for that embarrassing typo. That's pretty disingenuous, GT5 had 200 premium cars made from scratch and many of the standard cars and all the tracks were heavily reworked - which is apparently good enough to sell as DLC around here. Also, GT4 was a thing. When was the last CMs game that had entirely new assets from scratch?
  5. JesseDeya

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Thanks for the clarification, I have to say they are making this unnecessarily challenging to follow for the casual observer. Even after you posted that it took me a while to find where that info was hiding. I play on Steam, where NONE of that has been announced, only the Season 3+4 DLC is present (no Super Deluxe Edition, no Year Pass) - and 4 days from release has no price set yet. Browsing the Xbox Store it's impossible to find mention of Season 3+4 or the Year Pass, or the Super Deluxe Edition. Playstation Store has Season 3+4 and Year Pass (and prices) but no mention of the Super Deluxe Edition. Oculus Store... hahahahaha.
  6. JesseDeya

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Sound advice: Dirt Rally 2.0. Year one... pass. On a serious note, I guess Super Deluxe Edition got enough **** on the internet they decided to change the name?
  7. JesseDeya

    Total cost of Dirt Rally 2.0

    Grand Turismo 4 launched in 2004/5 with 700+ cars and 50+ tracks. No payed DLC nonsense. CMR 1, 2 & 3, 04 and 05 launched with 8-9 proper RALLY locations with multiple stages... not single track 1.2km RX nonsense. No payed DLC nonsense. Not sure what any of this is supposed to prove tbh. 🙂 Saying DR2 will have 31 different locations all told isn't comparing apples with apples. It will still only have 6 rally locations, everything else costs more money - that's they point people are making here. Cool. And back then CM could sell 1-3 million copies of a rally game... so what happened? Infographic of Dirt game sales.
  8. JesseDeya

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    Good summary. There are plenty of games that offer a choice when you fire them up from Steam: 2D, Steam VR or Oculus VR. I‘m pretty sure the Oculus API is free to use for devs, so this shouldn’t be a major impost or cost to them to implement. Regarding resolution, I noticed the same thing but I have a feeling that is the render resolution that the headset has to produce for a useable image at 1080x1200. My understanding is that VR over renders because the shape of the actual image required is quite warped in order to look normal through the fresnel lenses. Having said that, the oculus on screen overlay you can turn on through OTT is telling me the image is 1.24 (from memory) super sampled by default so perhaps you’re right. Either way, even at 1.24x the performance is way under what it should be in openVR.
  9. JesseDeya

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    To be clear, I’m not complaining that they have been included - I like them - I’m suggesting that the pricing model in general is pretty average. Few would criticise them for including MORE content in their game. The criticism stems from holding back content and charging extra for it. The DR1 content should probably have been included in the base DR2 game, or released as free upgrades as they finished then (like so many other racing games) but CMs have chosen a different business model and I expect they will do the same next time. That is a fair point, but at least as far as I can remember it wasn’t clear at launch that the content would be sold separately from the season passes. I personally probably won’t buy season 3&4 and instead stick to two locations and a couple of cars. IF they had an upgrade for Deluxe owners to Super Deluxe for say $15, then I would go all in, but I’d be shocked it they extend that olive branch.
  10. There are many reviews telling that Oculus Rift fits the best for Xbox One, however it is not the only option. The question wasn't about general VR availability for Xbox One, but specifically for DR2 game on Xbox One, and if there is a compatibility difference for S and X versions. Does anyone have real experience? Just to be perfectly clear for anyone else reading this because for some reason @kaisersoze77 still thinks otherwise... Xbox does not support VR in any way shape or form. Not a thing. There was once some talk about them getting into it, but that is dead in the water, there are currently no plans for VR to come to Xbox that anyone in the public forum is aware of.
  11. JesseDeya

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    More condescending apologist nonsense. Season passes in games have traditionally been 12 months worth, or 'that years worth' of DLC content. It's was meant to piggy back on the concept of sporting season ticket passes, ie: you would get access to all of 2019's games (content) as a season ticket holder. It was far more common than not for all of a game's planned DLC to be included in a "season". Only recently has the concept of seasons been bastardised by games like Destiny where there was additional DLC sold post the season pass, or Fortnight where they have made 'seasons' only a couple of months long. More useful is to look at what you get for what you pay. I'll only talk rally because RX is stupid (calm down) and no Dirt Rally 1.0 fan asked for it. The base game gave us 6 rally locations for $60 USD (insert your countries price here, mine is $85 AUD) Season 1&2 gave us 4 more (retouched but ultimately recycled) rally locations for $30 USD ($43 AUD) or $20 ($30 AUD) if you bought the deluxe version. Season 3&4 gives us 2 more (retouched but ultimately recycled) rally locations for $30 USD ($43 AUD) in all likelihood. So it's $110-$120 USD ($158-$191 AUD) to get the game with just 12 locations (but a 138 bugs!). That is CRAZY expensive for a game that they are already walking away from support wise. This isn't an enduring platform with years of planned support (ala iRacing, DCS, IL2 etc). This is a single release that has nickle and dimed us for at least $110 USD to get what should have been in the base game. For those of us lucky enough to have an Oculus VR headset and who bought the game on Steam at launch enthused by the pre-launch announcement by Codemasters that the game would definitely support Oculus VR by summer, we're now looking at a double ****-take as CM's have allowed the Steam version to be gimped so badly that you have to run potato graphics just to match the surprisingly 😐 full price Oculus Store release (with no DLC or Deluxe option). But please, do continue to defend the pricing model, apparently you think we should be grateful?
  12. JesseDeya

    How much for season 3 / 4

    Almost certainly $29.99 USD. That is price to "upgrade" to the deluxe version and get Seasons 1&2. Current individual prices are $3.99 per location and $1.99 per car, so if you only want the two rally locales and 3-4 cars it will make much more sense to buy them separately.
  13. JesseDeya

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Spot on. Honestly, if they said it featured eight remastered locations and four new ones in the base game for $60 I think everyone would have said "yeah, that seems fair". They probably would have sold a shitload more copies of the game too. So, just my 2c worth: That's insane. I couldn't agree more. Sadly there is no precedent for this kind of progressive behaviour from CMs. Nickle and dime all the way. As Jake mentions above, I would happily throw money at DLC if CMs had shown more commitment to post game support, but them openly admitting to siphoning off the dev team to work on the next full price release while the game sat for months with glaring holes doesn't endear the kind of consumer loyalty they seem to expect.
  14. Good work around, I can see how this would work well... though it's quite a bit of note taking to compare times as you go. This seems like a feature that would be quite feasible for CM's to build into the game if they were so inclined - it would certainly make the comparisons and seat swaps easier if you had more than 2 people. They could also have you run in order, based on ongoing championship standings so that track degradation came into play. We can only dream.