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    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    To be clear, I’m not complaining that they have been included - I like them - I’m suggesting that the pricing model in general is pretty average. Few would criticise them for including MORE content in their game. The criticism stems from holding back content and charging extra for it. The DR1 content should probably have been included in the base DR2 game, or released as free upgrades as they finished then (like so many other racing games) but CMs have chosen a different business model and I expect they will do the same next time. That is a fair point, but at least as far as I can remember it wasn’t clear at launch that the content would be sold separately from the season passes. I personally probably won’t buy season 3&4 and instead stick to two locations and a couple of cars. IF they had an upgrade for Deluxe owners to Super Deluxe for say $15, then I would go all in, but I’d be shocked it they extend that olive branch.
  2. There are many reviews telling that Oculus Rift fits the best for Xbox One, however it is not the only option. The question wasn't about general VR availability for Xbox One, but specifically for DR2 game on Xbox One, and if there is a compatibility difference for S and X versions. Does anyone have real experience? Just to be perfectly clear for anyone else reading this because for some reason @kaisersoze77 still thinks otherwise... Xbox does not support VR in any way shape or form. Not a thing. There was once some talk about them getting into it, but that is dead in the water, there are currently no plans for VR to come to Xbox that anyone in the public forum is aware of.
  3. JesseDeya

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    More condescending apologist nonsense. Season passes in games have traditionally been 12 months worth, or 'that years worth' of DLC content. It's was meant to piggy back on the concept of sporting season ticket passes, ie: you would get access to all of 2019's games (content) as a season ticket holder. It was far more common than not for all of a game's planned DLC to be included in a "season". Only recently has the concept of seasons been bastardised by games like Destiny where there was additional DLC sold post the season pass, or Fortnight where they have made 'seasons' only a couple of months long. More useful is to look at what you get for what you pay. I'll only talk rally because RX is stupid (calm down) and no Dirt Rally 1.0 fan asked for it. The base game gave us 6 rally locations for $60 USD (insert your countries price here, mine is $85 AUD) Season 1&2 gave us 4 more (retouched but ultimately recycled) rally locations for $30 USD ($43 AUD) or $20 ($30 AUD) if you bought the deluxe version. Season 3&4 gives us 2 more (retouched but ultimately recycled) rally locations for $30 USD ($43 AUD) in all likelihood. So it's $110-$120 USD ($158-$191 AUD) to get the game with just 12 locations (but a 138 bugs!). That is CRAZY expensive for a game that they are already walking away from support wise. This isn't an enduring platform with years of planned support (ala iRacing, DCS, IL2 etc). This is a single release that has nickle and dimed us for at least $110 USD to get what should have been in the base game. For those of us lucky enough to have an Oculus VR headset and who bought the game on Steam at launch enthused by the pre-launch announcement by Codemasters that the game would definitely support Oculus VR by summer, we're now looking at a double ****-take as CM's have allowed the Steam version to be gimped so badly that you have to run potato graphics just to match the surprisingly 😐 full price Oculus Store release (with no DLC or Deluxe option). But please, do continue to defend the pricing model, apparently you think we should be grateful?
  4. JesseDeya

    How much for season 3 / 4

    Almost certainly $29.99 USD. That is price to "upgrade" to the deluxe version and get Seasons 1&2. Current individual prices are $3.99 per location and $1.99 per car, so if you only want the two rally locales and 3-4 cars it will make much more sense to buy them separately.
  5. JesseDeya

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Spot on. Honestly, if they said it featured eight remastered locations and four new ones in the base game for $60 I think everyone would have said "yeah, that seems fair". They probably would have sold a shitload more copies of the game too. So, just my 2c worth: That's insane. I couldn't agree more. Sadly there is no precedent for this kind of progressive behaviour from CMs. Nickle and dime all the way. As Jake mentions above, I would happily throw money at DLC if CMs had shown more commitment to post game support, but them openly admitting to siphoning off the dev team to work on the next full price release while the game sat for months with glaring holes doesn't endear the kind of consumer loyalty they seem to expect.
  6. Good work around, I can see how this would work well... though it's quite a bit of note taking to compare times as you go. This seems like a feature that would be quite feasible for CM's to build into the game if they were so inclined - it would certainly make the comparisons and seat swaps easier if you had more than 2 people. They could also have you run in order, based on ongoing championship standings so that track degradation came into play. We can only dream.
  7. It's worth a lot, thanks for sharing that, I'll admit I'm surprised you did. Looking forward to a timeline on a fix.
  8. JesseDeya

    Rally 2.0 Oculus DLC?

    Vive users have the same performance problems Oculus users do. The game's VR performance is gimped on Steam across the board. It would actually be semi-acceptable if Vive users had an inferior experience on Steam (hear me out) due to OpenVR, because from the outset Codemasters have never discussed VR support for anything but Oculus headsets. At least that ****** act would be slightly defensible. The decision to not include Oculus APIs for Oculus owners who have the Steam version (and instead keep that option and performance increase for the full price Oculus Store version) is tantamount to bait and switch of the highest order. Codemasters want (and Oculus want) Rift owners to feel compelled to repurchase the whole damn game again. The one thing that kept me hanging on to hope for this game, through the months of borked FFB, impenetrable rain, alien AI and uncounted other insane bugs... was the promise of VR. It's completely gut wrenching how that too has been delivered with complete inadequacy.
  9. This is actually the most important point here, but most people seem to be missing it. The story of Dirt Rally 1 VR (PC) Dirt Rally 1 sold on Steam (first) and although not promised at launch, eventually included support for the Oculus Rift natively. Dirt Rally 1 did not include support for Vive (or other headsets) but could be played with Revive and worked very well. Dirt Rally 1 was eventually added to the Oculus Store, and had exactly the same VR performance as the Steam version. Dirt Rally 1 VR was outsourced to Climax Studios The story of Dirt Rally 2 VR (PC) Dirt Rally 2 sold on Steam (first) and was advertised - before release - that support for Oculus headsets would be coming in summer. Dirt Rally 2 did not mention any support for Vive (or other headsets) during the leadup to VR release. Dirt Rally 2 received it's VR update in summer as promised, but did NOT support Oculus headsets natively as expected. Dirt Rally 2 used OpenVR on steam instead of Oculus runtimes, so supported more headsets but ran terribly on all of them. Dirt Rally 2 was added to the Oculus store, but the Oculus store version runs SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Steam version. Dirt Rally 2 VR was also outsourced to Climax Studios As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no technical reason that the Steam version of Dirt Rally 2 couldn't be patched to use Oculus APIs for Oculus headsets... unless there is a commercial reason why this can't be done - namely Oculus money hatting the development and therefore insisting that the version in their store must run better. It certainly smells suspicious. See above, you won't get an honest answer here. Based on historical data you will know about the release of the DLC on the Oculus store as it happens, if you're lucky. Welcome to the CM forums.
  10. That's not the Codemaster's ways. Step 1: Ignore for as long as possible Step 2: Acknowledge but downplay Step 3: See step 1 Step 4: Do nothing Step 5: See step 3 Step 6: Do nothing Step 5: Tease a fix and pretend your customers are excited Steps 6 though 11: Do nothing Step 12: Ensure many months have passed, half arse a fix that doesn't actually work Step 13: Proclaim success in a blog post and never address the issue again.
  11. This pretty much sums it up. Codemasters you suck. Please unfuck this VR situation immediately.
  12. Whelp, that confirms it, Steam users have the gimped version. I have basically an equivalent rig (6700K @ 4.6Ghz, Watercooled 1080Ti @> 2080 performance, oculus cv1), and my experience with the Steam version couldn't be more different.
  13. JesseDeya

    Can't get VR to work

    Try pressing F11 to recenter your view. In VR it just displays the game menus on a projected flat screen in front of you until you are in the car about to launch down the road, then it switches to full 3D. It's possible the game is working but the screen isn't directly in front of you so all you are seeing is blackness. When you do get it working prepared to be thoroughly disappointed with the performance.
  14. Just fired it up on my Rift (Steam version). What a mess, had to lower my settings to LOW just get something close to playable and even then it can barely hold 90fps. At high/ultra it's sub 40fps. For reference, my rig runs the game in 4k at High/Ultra settings with a min framerate of >90fps and averages >110fps. This is a horribly unoptimised mess at the moment.
  15. Could be, although from memory Dirt Rally 1 also didn’t have a specific Oculus api in the folder structure (but did support Oculus directly). I’m tempted to buy the Oculus version and do some frame rate testing then refund it within the 2hr window.
  16. Holding back DLC for the game just because it has now gone on sale in a different store (after 6 months) is an artificial stagger. It could and should (imho) all release at once, so if a consumer wants to get the VR version from the Oculus store they can go all in. Why isn't there a deluxe edition? Why don't we have any indication on when season (already produced) DLC will make it to the Oculus store? If you can't see how that is anti-consumer I can't help much more, though maybe see the quotes below for a clue... CMs have known the answers to these questions for months now. Shaking my head. Bought the deluxe edition day one on the promise of VR and after six months this is what we get. Incredible, but not wholly unexpected from CMs. That's exactly what they would like. There is ONE ray of hope however, which I haven't had a chance to test for myself... buried in this thread Why doesn't Steam version have Native Oculus mode???? OpenVR runs like garbage. Thanks for nothing: POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: Set the launch option "-vrmode Oculus" in Steam. While launching the game, you'll see that the OVR window no longer appears. I'm pretty sure I'm getting better performance, too--I'm now able to run the game on high without frame drops, whereas before I was getting a lot of drops on medium. My specs are 1080 Ti/7700K@4.9GHz/DDR4-3200 This could just be a placebo though, if the Oculus libraries aren't there I'm not sure this would actually do anything.
  17. When it’s ready, right? If I was a betting man, I might wager this is an artificially staggered release to allow the first wave of Oculus customers to buy the game at full price without immediately seeing additional content at additional cost. But that would be pretty scummy and anti-consumer, so I’m sure it’s not that.
  18. @Roland Horn What headset are you using? Steam version? I haven’t been able to test on my Rift yet but will soon. If the world scale is off that’s concerning.
  19. Glad it’s finally here but what madness is this if there isn’t native oculus support for steam owners!?!? Also, for those considering the oculus store version, just be careful... it’s unclear if it can run in normal 2D mode, and there doesn’t appear to be any mention of the seasons or anyway to buy them yet. Oh, and it’s full price, lol. @Roland Horn Not sure if your joking, but that’s not how VR works lol.
  20. JesseDeya

    #VR for Dirt Rally 2.0 .. When ???

    BTW it seems HTC Vive support is also being added, which is nice. The share links at the bottom of the Climax page contain these urls: https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=&t=Dirt Rally 2.0 - For Oculus %2B HTC Vive https://twitter.com/share?text=Dirt Rally 2.0 - For Oculus %2B HTC Vive&url= http://reddit.com/submit?url=&title=Dirt Rally 2.0 - For Oculus + HTC Vive I don't think that is a typo.
  21. Cool. So now we have: Off Full Authentic Optimal Low Medium High Max and..... no explanation as to what any of those mean.
  22. Tarmac handling is the least interesting part of this game. If you remove the ice from Monte Carlo I'm not sure players will stay awake long enough to finish a stage. Also, options 2 and 3 are the same... at least in english.
  23. If I remember correctly there was a video interview with Jon Armstrong about DR2 he said Optimal was probably something like 5th to 10th run, because the loose stuff had been swept but the substrate wasn't degraded.
  24. JesseDeya

    Windows won't break

    Definitely read this as (Microsoft) Windows won't break... came here to argue... leaving pleasantly surprised 😄.