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  1. I tried tonight and saw: 10:37:22 - Hook installed for process dirt3. ... Raced a My Tour rally and at the end, the 10038 was reported. When I managed to hit Enter on the error window and CTD,. then saw... 10:44:20 - Process dirt3 has closed. Closing. There were no other entries in the event viewer.
  2. It is the retail version that has been patched to v1.1 on 64bit Windows 7.
  3. RoccoC5 - Thanks for the fast response. I tried it and although I think it gets the hook in because I can see the program is still running after 5 minutes from starting Dirt 3, at the end of a rally stage it still reports the 10038 error and CTD.
  4. Thanks for making this RoccoC5, but it doesn't appear to work on Windows 7. The DiRTTelemetryErrorFix starts on the taskbar but it never seems to get the hook in as expected, so it closes. I have tried clicking the fix exe even after the game is running and it still doesn't manage to get the hook in. Is there any way we can trace the your code to see why it can't get the hook into the dirt3 exe on Windows 7? It might also be a suggestion to increase the 10 seconds to 20-30 seconds because when you start Dirt 3 using the Sim Comannder (simvibe) it takes longer than 10 seconds to start Dirt.
  5. I am another one who would really like to see this one fixed. As already suggested I can't believe this is a hard code bug to resolve seeing as something they did in patch 1.2 broke it.
  6. COJeepin

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Change menu movement buttons to be named versus a number. I use a few different controllers (wheel, button box, sequential shifter and handbrake) so not easy to know what the little numbers in the circles correspond to which buttons when moving around the in-game menues. For example, (3) is escape, (4) is view back, (2) is Enter/Return, (1) is handbrake for me. Why can't they be labeled like 'ESC', 'RET', 'SHIFT' etc.?