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  1. Isniedood

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I think you are referring to me.  I do not think I made myself perfectly clear. I do lock my tires often and I mean often. But somehow the car doesn't really give me feedback when I am locking the tyres. I do not hear it very well  and the suspension doesn't really do a lot when braking.  With RBR  it was quite obvious when you were on the edge of locking or not.  Maybe it is because of the force feedback, maybe the sound, but somehow I do not really feel what the car is doing when braking.
  2. Isniedood

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Not sure about this, but on low speed the car turned really very bad. Not sure it was too bad, because i usually don't drive with a real car on gravel
  3. Isniedood

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    O, something I forgot. I don't see why there is a timer when you are off the track. I experienced it as annoying. It feels restricting. 
  4. Isniedood

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Very nice that you came with a real rally game. Hopefully you can be the first replacement for Richard Burns Rally. I do have some point which can be improved (note, I have only driver 12 stages with the Cooper S so far): - The force feedback is not very good so far on my G25 - Huge deadzone and i wish i had none  - 180 degrees should be way more. - Virtual steering wheel didn't feel in sync with g25. - Couldnt feel where the 180 degrees ended. - Both sound and spring didn't give me really enough feedback on braking. I didn't had the feeling or i was locking the brakes. The car was quite static in those situations. Especially  - More long stages - Damage was too forgiving - More information on split times, i would like to know my position. Also I would like to compare my times with my direct opponents. I'm not interested in the number 1 split times if I am 6th - Mapping multiple buttons to function. Now I have a button on my steering will for pause, but escape does nothing. - In the bottom left you see what the controller buttons do. I don't think anyone would like to navigate with his steering wheel. Would be more interesting to see keyboard suggestions. I really have no id which button is button 16 and 15 of my  G25 :) - Thats it so far. Only played about 2 hours and it seems very promising. Keep up the could work.