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  1. Sorry for sounding harsh but stop whining about flashbacks, if you dont want to race with flashbacks on just join/create a custom lobby without it. Simple as that. Flashbacks are nice for the newer players.
  2. That Audi & SLS pic is having me stirred up, god damn it Codies that is GT3 Racing isnt it?! All this good stuff, but still there are things i dont agree with... :/) maaaaaan
  3. Yes, thats why i asked if it was confirmed somewhere and i had missed it.
  4. @Speedball Bathurst?! Have they confirmed that one or have i just missed it? O.o
  5. For GRID 2, theres one up @ nogripracing.com, thats the one i used.
  6. Imola, Spa, Bathurst, Monza, BRNO, Zolder, COTA, Nürburgring GP and Nordschleife, Monaco, Circuit de Catalunya, Dubai Autodrome, Laguna Seca, Autopolis and Road America. Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3Bentley Continental GT3BMW Z4 GT3Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (wont happen tho)Lamborghini Gallardo GT3McLaren MP4-12C GT3Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3Porsche 997 GT3 (wont happen either :p) McLaren P1Gumpert Apollo
  7. But Grid 1 was circuit based, even in spectate there was no lap counter and if you started spectate at the first lap of 12 on Spa (15 minute wait) you wouldn't know where you were timewise, someone usually let the speccy's know the lap and count.But hey it was good to spectate while waiting than having absolutely no clue as to race standing. Well, atleast you could have something to do instead of just sitting there watching at text, watching a race = fun. watching a non moving screen with some text on it = not fun which instantly leads to re searching for lobbies over and over. It's a r
  8. I could not agree more Frank, horses for courses, and the more settings/lobby options the better.  [-O< Edit: Also, had I not read somewhere that the DoF only kicks in at high speed to increase the illusion of speed, and that your dash 'un-blurs' at corner entry with lower speeds?  Or perhaps i've just bandied the notion around with someone... :-/ Actually one of the first things i noticed when i watched the first kinda gameplay was that, yes it seems to kinda reduce the blur at low speeds, check it @ 1m 17s if it doesnt direct link. http://youtu.be/uC8jFfM6FfA?t=1m17
  9. Hell yes, would love to see the Blancpain Endurance liveries on the GT3 Cars, if those exist ofc. Which i really really really hope they do! Well except the Porsche and the Ferrari cuz of the exclusive stuff with other companies.
  10. Thing is, in Shift 2 its kinda the opposite, it's clear all the time except when youre high speed braking, thats when it becomes blurry because of the g-force.
  11. The thing i wonder is if this "A key new feature we have added is the Team Radio system; at any point during a race you can now request information from your engineer at the touch of a button. This means you can pay full attention to the action on track but still have easy access to standings and car health updates as and when you want it." Is something like what they have in iRacing like this http://youtu.be/EOii97qDkV8?t=35s . Like will they call out cars alongside you, a slow car ahead, a crash ahead, tyres blown, damage to the engine etc. etc. Because that would be awesome! :D Edit
  12. BUT, only for endurance races or races where tyre wear and stuff like that is applicable.
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