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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Very nice surprise !  A week ago I was talking to a friend about the fact that we never really had a proper Rally Simulation since RBR. (How did they dare calling that WRC series a simulation ?). I have only played for two hours or so, so here is my first feedback. Graphics : First thing first : this is beautiful. Not perfect but very very good. The inside views are really good and immersive. I only wished the signs on the co-driver roadbook were not always the same. (I guessed a few different would be enough) but that is a detail.  The game runs quite well with High detail on my 2 years old G75v laptop, except with night + rains. The night ! The work on the light effect is superb ! Really realistic from inside the car, the shadows distort the perspective, you can see the light beams are truely active.  On the replay, it would be nice to have a truely TV camera, without the on-board cam. Sometimes you just want to see an action from outside the car, and you just can't because the TV cam is set to show you an on-board cam at this moment. Sometimes frustrating.  That said, the drone and helicopters cams are beautiful, especially at night ! A more realistic steering wheel movement must be added, like in Assetto Corsa or Live for Speed. I always play with the inside view, and it is not realistic at all to see the wheel just moving 180°. Sound :  There are nice, but in French, the co-driver sound way too calm and clear. It is like she is reading a story in a rocking-chair next to the fireplace and you can hear her like she was just next to you in your livingroom outside the game. I have noted that she sometimes repeats things, but she tells it the same way so if she says : "60, 4 left, 5 right, 4 left, 5 right", you do not know if she is repeating or if there really is one 4 left, then a 5 right, then a 4 left, then a 5 right. It should be more alive, connected to what is happening. She does not even care if you have a big accident. Gameplay :  That is the big one :  First, this is hard and that is a good point. You cannot go flat out and expect to finish the stage.  The collision management is sometimes odd. Sometimes, I only leave the road and the car is wasted, but I can hit a wood stock at 80 mph and go on with only a crack on the windshield. not very realistic.  There is still tweaking to be made on the cars' physics. The first thing I had to learn in RBR was left foot braking. You cannot make a WRC turn on gravel without using it. But here it seems to make no real difference.  For the player who said that he cannot block the wheels, there must be something wrong in your pedals settings or you left the ABS on, because I have locked a multiple time the front wheels on the Cooper, even on tarmac.  The force feedback : there is a lot of work to do on this, as it has already been said. I have a G25. The steering is way too heavy and the feel of the front wheels is not good. You can feel the bumps and holes quite well, but the centering is always the same whatever direction the car is on, so even in opposing lock you have to force against this centering. Again, not very realistic.  About the cars and locations, I have not much to say. I know that they will be more and more, and that is already a well furnished game. Some racing games are released with less content than that. I played for two or three hours last night and I did not even tried half the cars. Thank you so much Codemasters for trying to please us simulation fans with a rally game more realistic than anything since Richard Burns Rally.