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  1. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip

    Killarney screenshot ?
  2. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip

    Damn, I hopped for fog removal in Finland clear daytime...
  3. Yup. And dusk in Wales. Same lighting as in Finland or Argentina, with dry and wet conditions. Would be perfect.
  4. toninus

    STI NR4 not as slow as it seems?

    The Fiat 500X already exists in a R4 version, more advanced than the protos above : https://www.milano-racing.com/fiat-500-x-r4 The Dacia Sandero R4 looks fun too : https://www.leblogauto.com/2019/07/asm-motorsport-presente-dacia-sandero-r4.html
  5. Yup, Please add the rainy mood from Neo-England, and also switch the mid-day / clear lighting for a more vivid one. After that it will be perfect 😉
  6. toninus

    Sweden whiteout

    If Sweden comes back in the licence, I really hope Codies will pit trees with less snow on it. Dark green at least adds some contrast :
  7. Tried Finland quickly + : Hell yeah, Finland ! - : No rain and only one wet option. Needs a day / rainy mood All moods look kinda washed out. Definitely also needs a bright, vivid sun. The new D+ skin looks nice ! But I hope the new ones won't have white on them...
  8. toninus

    Dirt Rally 3 - Wish List

    I'd put Germany in launch content as there's no tarmac location (aside MC but it's also half ice.) Then add one Asia rally like China or Malaysia / Indonesia. But aside content wishlist, here's some improvements I'd like to see : - real puddles with their own physics. - better tarmac physics with more grip on both dry and wet. - better out of the road physics where cutting in the wild really slows you and damage the car. - better collision model where a small bump doesn't makes you barrel-roll 100 times but instead really damages the car. Make the hardcore damage model way more hardcore (not on tires or lights but all the car should break). Add one intermediate model. - more sunlight and weather options with volumetric clouds / fog. (not necessary dynamic) - less shiny wet shaders. - improved visuals for fir trees.
  9. toninus

    Golf Skin

    A livery editor like the new GRID, even with less options, would be a good thing.
  10. We have already a lot of R-GT cars. What I would love to see is a new class called H1 RWD. And also more cars for classes who have only 2 or 3... Anyway, there(s a topic for the cars wishlist :
  11. More Germany (vineyards valley) and Greece would also be very welcome. And at least another tarmac location (San Remo, Japan or Corsica...) The problem with new stages for existing locations is how they'd be included in the community challenges. For a new Germany track, would the first Germany dlc be required ? I think codies could, at the end of season 4, replace DR2.0 standard edition on the stores for a DR2.0 Year One edition with all the dlcs, for a higher price. But it would still be a mess for those who doesn't have the complete dlcs content...
  12. toninus

    New countries wishlist - chose 3 !

    Please post pics or vids showing what would make these countries look unique ingame !
  13. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip

    Not the worst pattern IMO, but yeah the D+ logo as main sticker was a bad idea. I like how it's made on that Demon Tweeks livery. Just a small square sticker, it's enough and gives more place for other stuff.
  14. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip

    And the 306 ! the Fabia 2005 ! and the Datsun, R5, 205 T16, Polo R5, Mustang... Would love to see other colors too, like some gold or silver (not as base color), purple, orange, lime, a nice "electric" blue...
  15. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip

    Nice new livery, and available on a dlc car ! I hope new ones will be for them too. Also wish a rework of the simple blue livery with the red sticker on the bonnet. IMO the worst ingame livery, with the full grey one coming close. The stripping on the green livery for the Ibiza is a very nice addition and makes it look better than the other green liveries from the base game. So why not add some details as well on the other ones ? Full cyan, black, yellow, red and white liveries seems better and don't need such additions, I'd say.