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  1. If this is right then it means seasons 3 and 4 are confirmed : https://steamdb.info/app/690790/depots/ So 4 new rally locations (including Greece and Finland ?) and 2 last RX ? I hope they won't use the rally or RX scheme from the two first seasons but instead do each season have : 1 rally (new) 2 rally (from DR1) 3 RX. + new cars of course. And I'd really like to see the Xsara kit car, the Megane Maxi and the 306 Maxi.
  2. My wishes : - Season 3 : Greece + China + 4 kit cars + 2 WRC cars + last official WRX track - Season 4 : Safari rally Kenya coming with 4 long specials + Finland + more H1 and H2 cars - Season 5 : one extra long track for every rally location (except Kenya) + amateur rally cars like 106, Saxo, Clio... Than, after this, in 2021, a new Dirt Rally running on an all new next generation engine, with longer tracks and rally-raid included.
  3. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    A little point about weather conditions :
  4. toninus

    Weather and racing times

    Bright light moods are too rare in the game. Also there isn't any race starting in the morning. What about adding a late morning setup with clear sky, slightly colder tones and just different shadows orientations ? That would be welcome. Another thing is the sky texture during rain, especially in NZ. It's way too detailed : most of the time the sky under heavy rain just looks grey, with no real directional lighting. A change on this would be nice.
  5. When you look at the online rankings, and activate the friends filter, your time isn't displayed. Not really a bug but should be easy to fix...
  6. You can set the difficulty in free play mode. So I'm okay with career having unique settings. But the gap between difficulty levels is clearly too high. In open difficulty I was always leading with at least a 10 seconds gap. In clubman (2nd level) I've never done better than 15th...
  7. toninus

    headlights improvements

    Headlights work in New-England, cloudy mid-day mood. So they should fix them for NZ and Poland. I also think that dark moods occur too often in career championships and community challenges. Would be nice if the random algorythm could select full day light more often. But the best would be more moods to chose. Like another one with sun high in the sky, and a cloudy / rainy mood that would make shadows less intense, more like it was in DR1.0. I know the engine isn't the same, but it would be possible by just toning down the directional light...
  8. Maybe already reported, but some parts of the NZ stages look very dark with the cloudy / rainy mood, and front light doesn't work. Maybe because it's mid day and not evening, but we still need to see something !
  9. toninus

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I'm not against that online thing. Would be OK if Racenet was working perfectly. But it's clearly not the case. Many popular games use onlyne functionnalities and doesn't have any problems. I think Codies should just invest in some more or better servers.
  10. Here's mine. French voices : Codriver announcements are great. However, the comments at the end of stages, and the damage announcements suck bad. And the tone is completely out of context. Would love to be able to turn them in English until they're fixed. Maybe ask our French YouTuber Franconen to redo them, he's very into the game and has a nice warm accent from southern France... Haven't tried RX yet so I don't know if the voices are ok there... Feel free to share yours.
  11. Not very unknown but some nice Kenya footage : And some vid from the rally de los Andes : thé wide roads remind me of pikes peak, but the cars running here seems to be a little less powerful :
  12. Let's share videos of beautiful and interesting rally locations that aren't ingame... Also please avoid famous WRC locations. I'll start with some China footage : mixed surface, narrow roads, and beautiful green landscapes with bamboo forest and crappy buildings...
  13. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    When will the content of the season 2 be revealed ? I thought both seasons would be before release...
  14. toninus

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Pure Video Thread

    Top quality videos from Gamersyde. Download (don't stream), and apreciate : http://www.gamersyde.com/news_dirt_rally_2_revient_en_jour_2-20711_fr.html
  15. toninus

    Which rallies need more stages ?

    Chose Argentina, because stages are short and all located ion the Rocky mountain. Would love to see a stage trough the pampa bushes. Also voted Monte because there's other places than the Turini, especially drier ones. And Germany because I miss the vineyards valley.