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  1. DLC works fine with me, my onlmy concern will be the french pacenotes : - Volume isn't normalized, and often way to low especially when it comes to hairpins - Announcements are way too late even when set up as early.
  2. I hope more 12-15 km than 8-10...
  3. Same happens when you create a new game. And that's what I'm suggesting : a new game, but that also works as a dlc for DR2.0 owners. With no changes on the graphic engine or physics. Something that was known as a stand-alone, back in the days. I'm also thinking that the dlc schedule was etablished at the release date. I remember the french codriver leaks were about more than 12 countries... So they probably haven't had much work on them, and I hope a big part of the team is already working on the next game for a year or two.
  4. I have : Peugeot 205 GTI Ford Sierra RS Subaru Legacy RS Subaru Impreza 555 Subaru Impreza WRC 97-98 Ford Focus 2001 Skoda Fabia WRC So there's two missing. From the trailer I guess the Metro is one of them. Maybe the other one is a Porsche ?
  5. Well they made 6 rally locations for the base game, added some RX tracks and sold it 50€. And it was a whole new game. So I don't get why they wouldn't sell 6 more new locations as dlc / stand-alone (to get more sales) for like 30-40€... If the new engine isn't yet ready, I hope they'll announce something like this. I personally don't care if the tracks aren't 100% realistic reproductions of real tracks, as long as they look real, twisty and bumpy enough. (but I understand some of you do) I hope Codies keeps high-poly models of the cars they use somewhere else, to be reused in f
  6. It's not on the list but it looks like we will get some new McRae themed liveries, right ? The red / white one for the Metro seems new to me.
  7. Trailer is 1:30 long, so I hope it's for more than one country... DR2.0 launch trailer was just 45 seconds long. And the announcement one was 1:15 but 2 rally locations and some rallyX were in it.
  8. Just noticed the day/rain setup is still not available in clubs...
  9. Why does the new rainy / mid-day Finland not have fog ?
  10. OK it's the 555, but what location is it ? San Remo ? 🙂
  11. Just realized the WRX championship starts in April, which is spring too. But I really hope the new content isn't just some kind of live competition based on realtime WRX events...
  12. So yeah, something like two weeks. I'm just sad we won't get any kind of (more or less) cryptic teaser before the official announcement. We like gossip !
  13. The quicker we know the date, the faster it will stop 🙂 I'd say end of March too 😉
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