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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    GRID is reusing content from the first game that came out in 2008... Most of the work is just to add more polys on the road, redo the trees and increase the texture definition... And also add more kilometers 🙂
  2. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    As far as I remember japanese stages from CMR : Dirt the 1st were quite good. I would love to hear that they could reuse some of this old stuff, improve the visuals (especially the ugly brown lighting), add a few kilometers and put them in DR2. Reminder :
  3. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    What I'd give to see a new tarmac rally dlc for DR2... Like Japan : Canaria : or Croatia :
  4. toninus

    please revise Monte Carlo

    Total loss is more realistic, but I agree that there's some wrong places in MC where you get it while being on the mountain side of the road. Falling down the valley should be game over anyway. And should be improved in Spain where you can jump in the valley and get reseted while still in the air. Also agree that the tarmac / ice grip difference is too important. This + tarmac being still a little too slippery overall (both dry and wet) should be fixed in the next Dirt game !
  5. toninus

    Kenya & Japan back in WRC 2020 !

    So Corsica is free ! Time for a dlc, Codies !
  6. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    What's sure is that there won't be any Toyota. I also think it's dead for hybrids like the Fubaru posted above. And it may be hard to get licences for dead brands like Saab or Talbot. Ferrari is in the next Grid game so why not ? But Mercedes isn't...
  7. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    Another candidate to complete the H2 Fwd category, alongside the Fiat Ritmo : Opel Kadett E GSi 16V : http://tech-racingcars.wikidot.com/opel-kadett-e-gsi-16v 1988, 220HP, 950kg
  8. You know how Codies work : If they only do 100% new locations, we'll end at best with 6 new countries and 20km of track each. That's what happenned with all the former Dirt games. That's why I would like if Codemasters could reuse the work they've done already (full tracks, but also all the visual things so they can create new tracks in old environment easily). That's what Kylotonn does for the WRC games, and that's also what Codies do with the Grid games (except the urban tracks are almost always the same). Then maybe we'll get a game with a really solid rally content ? Of course, having more stages from the countries we already have (original and dlc) would be a great option too. But from the words of PJ it's not the way things will go...
  9. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    The only thing I hope is the time gap between the end of DR2.0 support and the beginning of DR3.0 early access to be the small as possible ! (even if not all the racing locations and all pacenotes are ready.)
  10. Financially, it would be better for Codies to remove the base game and sell only one version with Years 1 and 2 dlcs, full price, instead of a discounted base game with expensive dlcs. They would have to promote it as a really "expanded" version with way more content than DR2.0 had (call it DR2.5 ?) People who would most likely buy dlcs already bought the game anyway. Of course individual dlcs and season passes would still be available for those who have bought the game already.
  11. toninus

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Not even a screenshot of the rainy Greece ?
  12. UPDATED (DREAM) WISHLIST FOR DIRT RALLY 2.0 YEAR 2 DLCs : SEASON 1 : 2 months rally content, 1 month RX content (not detailled here) : 4 new cars : - Nissan Almera / Sunny kit car - Citroen Xsara kit car - Renault Megane Maxi kit car - Opel Astra kit car 1 new rally location in Africa (Safari Kenya or Morocco) 1 new long rally track (~15km) for 2 existing locations : Spain and New England (+ sprint and reverse variants) (available for everyone in community challenges but not in career or free play). SEASON 2 : 2 months rally content, 1 month RX content (not detailled here) : 4 new cars : - Porsche Cayman GT4 (GT) - Fiat Abarth 124 (GT) - Renault Twingo RS R2 Evo (R2) - Fiat Ritmo Abarth 125 or 130 TC (H2 FWD) 1 new tarmac rally location (San Remo or whatever) 1 new long rally track (~15km) for 2 existing locations : Australia and Poland (+ sprint and reverse variants). SEASON 3 : 2 months rally content, 1 month RX content (not detailled here) : 4 new cars : - Renault R8 Gordini (H1 RWD) - BMW 2002 TI (H1 RWD) - Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA (H1 RWD) - Saab 96 V4 1.8 (H1 FWD) 1 new rally location in Asia (China or Malaysia) 1 new long rally track (~15km) for 2 existing locations : Argentina and New Zeland (+ sprint and reverse variants). New world championship season with two free cars : Renault Alpine A310 V6 (H3) and Alpine A110 Rally 2020 (GT) SEASON 4 : 1 month rally content, 2 months RX content (not detailled here) : 3 new cars : - Fiat 500 X R4 (R4/NR4) - Audi A1 R4 (R4/NR4) - Subaru Legacy (grp A) 1 new snow rally location (Latvia, Norway, Austria...) And ideally some category changes : R5 Turbo -> Grp B RWD 240Z -> H2 RWD
  13. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    RENAUT TWINGO R2 Evo CATEGORY R2 (1030kg, 190-195hp) 2012 SAAB 96 V4 1.8 CATEGORY H1 FWD (880kg, 150hp) 1971-1975 FIAT RITMO ABARTH 130 TC CATEGORY H2 FWD (950kg, 200hp) 1983-87 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA CATEGORY H2 or H1 RWD (850kg, 170hp but there was also a 130hp version) 1965-1967 RENAULT 8 Gordini CATEGORY H1 RWD (855kg, 110hp) Many championships from 1964 to 1972 BMW 2002 TI CATEGORY H1 RWD (990kg, 120-130hp) or H2 RWD for the TII version (240hp) 1969-1972 ALPINE A310 V6 CATEGORY : H2 or H3 RWD (950kg, 245-275hp) 1977 And to balance these H1 RWD and H2 RWD categories : - drop Alpine A110 to H1 RWD - drop Datsun 240Z to H2 RWD
  14. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    New R4 category (kinda still in dev, but will be available for almost all events aside WRC) : Haven't put the Toyota as licencing them seems difficult... Would be great to complete the small NR4 category. - AUDI A1 R4 - FIAT 500X R4 : DACIA SANDERO R4 :
  15. toninus

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    - CAR : Renault Megane Maxi - CLASS : kit car (960kg, 285hp) - CHAMPIONSHIP : France 1996-97 CAR : Citroen Xsara kit car CLASS : kit car (960kg, 299hp) CHAMPIONSHIP : WRC 1999 OPEL ASTRA G KitCar KIT CARS (1000kg, 280hp) 1998
  16. toninus

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Is there some custom liveries that let your playing name appear ? Some custom skins look fantastic, but I'm not really into driving a car from someone else...
  17. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Did somone got to try the M2 yet ? (in custom event) Or do we have to wait for the 10th even in other modes than my team ? I hope it comes with more than just one almost white skin...
  18. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Livery editor was the best thing in Dirt 4 ! And they removed it... 😢
  19. Then my wishes for the 5th saison (as there's still 1.13 content we don't know) : w1 : Megane Maxi kit car and Nissan Sunny F2 w2 : China or Safari rally w3 : Mini RX & Fiat Ritmo Abarth (H2 FWD) or one H1 or another RX car w7 : Circuit of America RX w9 : Subaru Legacy 1992 & Impreza 22b w11 : new tarmac rally But I'm afraid the 1.13 locations just being new playground areas (like DirtFish) coming as a free update with some gymkhana challenges...
  20. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    There's also no trace of the "leaked" Mini and Nissan. I hope they are for Season 5 and not removed because of licencing problems.
  21. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I hope they'll keep releasing content every 2 weeks. So probably an announcement on the next roadbook and the first new cars in two weeks.
  22. toninus

    Wales needs worse Weather.

    Yup at least dry dusk, heavy rain dusk, and dry and wet midday overcast / foggy.
  23. I really hope that we'll get 4 kit cars / F2 this time. 306 and Sunny are almost confirmed, I hope the others will be the Megane, the Ibiza, the Xsara or the Astra.
  24. toninus

    WRC 9

    That Argentina stage looks good. It's technically under DR2, as well as the prysics probably. But the stage design is great : I love the fact there's different parts of it. You starts on the El condor mountains, then you have a wider road trough the pampa, then the bushes... DR2 stages are kinda too homogeneous, especially in terms of road surface and width. I hope WRC8 will improve WRC7 physics, graphics and tracks. If they don't reuse too much stuff it may be mine.
  25. toninus

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I hope at least some cool D+ liveries for all cars, as there's no sponsor on them. The Datsun only has one skin... The skin editor from the former games was nice too. At least it had some cool shapes and colors.